Good Pizza, Great Pizza (MOD, Unlimited Money) APK v5.14.3

App Name Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Size 221M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 5.14.3
Update July 11, 2024 (2 days ago)
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Good Pizza, Great Pizza (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a fun cooking simulation game where you play as a pizzeria owner. It was developed by TapBlaze and it is all about making perfect pizzas. This game combines creativity, strategy, and fun through preparing tasty pies that will make your pizza eaters satisfied till the last slice.

Game Overview

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you get to:

  • Own your own pizza place: Learn what it takes to run a pizza parlor.
  • Meet interesting customers: Meet various eccentric personalities.
  • Upgrade your store: Improve your bistro with advanced machinery and new recipes.
  • Beat competition: Annihilate other chefs in terms of making best pizzas.
  • It can be found on various platforms so you can have the thrill of a lifetime anywhere.

Game features

  • Pizza-making Simulation: Make pizzas according to customer orders.
  • Customer Interactions: Interact with different types of customers who are unique in their own ways.
  • Shop Upgrades: Upgrade your equipment and shop décor.
  • Story Mode: Go through the storyline of the game step-by-step.
  • Challenge Mode: Perform timed tasks like special requests or time trials for rewards or challenge yourself with other games offered by its developers TapBlaze Gaming Network Company .
  • Recipe Book: Unlock new ingredients and recipes to make different types of pizzas.
  • Daily Challenges: Win awards for every mission accomplished everyday in this kind of games offered  by its developers TapBlaze Gaming Network Company .
  • Graphics and Music: Enjoy sweet graphics together with an upbeat sound track.


Immersive and Engaging Mechanics

Good Pizza, Great Pizza offers simple yet addictive mechanics that makes this title stand out. Take a closer look at them:

  • Order Taking: Listen to what people say asking out loud. Each client has his/her taste which makes it diverse for any chef’s liking .
  • Pizza Making: Put some sauce over your base, add cheese then put all toppings accurately one after another . It is easy to make a pizza with this game’s interface.
  • Baking: Get your pizza in the oven and watch it cook. You need to have the right timing otherwise you will end up with an undercooked or burnt pizza.
  • Serving: Hand over the food items to its customer. Read their faces and responses so as to gauge on your skills.
  • Every aspect of this process has been carefully designed for realism and enjoyment. By blending these tasks, players are engaged and entertained through a smooth experience.

Strategic Shop Management

However, running a successful pizzeria is much more than just making great pizzas. Good Pizza, Great Pizza integrates shop management elements that test your strategic skills:

  • Resource Management: Always look out for your ingredients stocks or else you may run out of meat during rush hours.
  • Upgrades and Customizations: Buy improved ovens, new recipes or even decorate you shop to attract more customers . These purchases increase efficiency at work .
  • Daily Earnings: Properly manage your cash flow as well as expenses on groceries, improvements, savings in order not to stagnate growing of shop .
  • These aspects add depth to the cooking game, turning it into something bigger like a full-fledged business strategy.

Game Modes

Story Mode

The main mode in Good Pizza, Great Pizza is called Story Mode where you’ll be able to:

  • Meet Diverse Characters: There are several characters in this story who all tell different tales about themselves and what kind of pizza they like eating.
  • Face Rivals: business rivalries between restaurants . Bragging rights come only after you defeat other pizzerias within town limits.
  • Unlock New Ingredients : As you proceed further into the game , more options become available giving extra variety such as crusts made from different grains , sauces with various tastes and unique toppings which can be used with any pizza base .

Challenge Mode

For those seeking extra excitement, Challenge Mode offers:

  • Time Trials: Try to serve as many pizzas as possible within a limited time.
  • Special Requests: Solve unique puzzles that are not usually found in other games.
  • Compete to attain the highest scores and ascend the leaderboards.
  • Challenge Mode will push your pizza-making abilities to the brink, providing a thrilling experience for seasoned players.


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is an adorable and engrossing game which wonderfully blends cooking and management elements. This game can be played for hours on end thanks to its easy gameplay mechanics, deep strategy layer, and charming characters. For a casual gamer and or a fan of strategy games alike, it’s just impossible not to love such a game.

So what are you waiting for? Get into Good Pizza, Great Pizza today and start building your pizza empire!

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