Homescapes MOD APK v7.2.2 (Unlimited Stars)

App Name Homescapes
Size 170M
Mod Features Unlimited Stars
Latest Version 7.2.2
Update July 5, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Playrix has developed a delightful match-3 puzzle game called Homescapes which is an enchanting world. The game merges fascinating puzzle mechanics with house renovations, making them feel immersive for all generations.

Playrix’s Homescapes has been downloaded million times across the globe and you can help Austin upgrade his ancestral mansion from drab to fab. Get ready to plunge into the world of bright individuals, original design decisions and myriads of puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours!

Game Overview

The game brilliantly blends together match-3 puzzles’ addictive mechanics together with the home makeover delight. Players are expected to guide Austin, an elegant butler in restoration of his old childhood mansion.

Challenging levels prompt players to swap and match colourful pieces in order to complete different objectives. Then these stars are used for redecorating various rooms in that mansion by playing different types of decoration styles.

Austin’s family members who act unusual at home and a favourite cat give life to this hyperactive adventure game Homescapes. The story progresses revealing outstanding moments as well as pleasant surprises all through the way.

With its mixture of first-class design features and riddles, Homescapes ensures that each gaming session is fresh and exciting with new experiences and problems every time. This means there is something for everyone whether you are a lover of puzzles or good at designs.

Game features

  • Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay: These levels require players to play match three games; winning those would be rewarded by some star credits that can be used for redecorating the entire household.
  • Home Renovation: A wide range of tasks are involved here such as selection furniture, decorations or designs meant for restoring the fortune back into this mansion.
  • Engaging Storyline: Different characters provide depth including events happening around Austin’s family.
  • Variety of Boosters: There is a variety available when it comes completing hard puzzles using boosters or power-ups.
  • Daily Rewards and Events: Players get daily rewards, special events plus timed challenges produced for extra content to keep them coming back.
  • Beautiful Graphics: The home renovation process itself is a visual pleasure, with bright and detailed graphics used here in Homescapes.
  • Social Features: It allows players to stay connected with friends, share their game progress and give / receive lives from one another.

The attractiveness of the game

Homescapes has features that are captivating and an integration of puzzle solving with creative design. Essentially, it provides diverse match-3 puzzles that become more challenging as the levels go up. Various boosters can be used for clearing barriers on this level hence allowing players to pass through it elegantly.

It is worth noting that among other things, the renovation part stands out since you can upgrade or furnish each room of the mansion in your own style. Make use of various furniture, wallpapers as well as decoration options available, thereby creating a personalized living space. Its gameplay is enriched by character development which makes each refurbishment feel like your own personal project done right.

Every day Homescapes offers fantastic prizes and special events during which extra bonuses or unique items are offered. Additionally, social features such as friend connection or competitive leaderboards are present in a game. By being strategic Homescapes ensures every player’s passage through its creation is full of creativity and enthusiasm.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Homescapes

Strategic planning and smart moves are necessary to be successful in Homescapes. Below are some hints to make you a match-3 maestro and remodeling guru:

  1. Use Power-Ups Strategically: power-ups can help overcome tough levels. Combine power-ups such as paper plane and bomb to clear big parts of the board and achieve goals more quickly.
  2. Have Goals in Mind: prioritize completing objectives rather than matching only numbers. This will help you earn stars faster, thus speeding up your mansion renovation process.
  3. Think Before You Move: it is important that when playing this game, you anticipate all possible actions that will create new power-ups through chain reactions within the game board. In doing so, your score will increase while minimizing unproductive movements.
  4. Participate in Events: every day there is a chance for extra rewards and bonuses by competing in daily events and challenges which can greatly accelerate your progress and resources.


Homescapes longs to mix puzzle-solving with home improvement design, making it an essential game for fans who love both genres. Download Homescapes now and become part of Austin’s heartwarming journey together with his family as they transform their mansion into a place filled with creativity fun that last countless hours plus strategic gameplay.

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