Farm City: Farming & Building MOD APK v2.10.37 (Unlimited Money)

Farm City: Farming & Building – Create your dream farm, raise animals, and build a rural paradise in this immersive mobile farming game.

App Name Farm City: Farming & Building
Size 265M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 2.10.37
Update July 5, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Game Overview

Farm City is a city-building and farming simulation game that offers a unique gaming experience by blending the best elements of both genres. In this game, you will be taking charge of a bustling urban area while also engaging in farming activities. 

Farm City has a rich environment where players can either plant crops or build tall buildings to cater for various styles of play. If you like strategically planning cities and satisfying routine-based farming, then this game is for you.

Game features

  • Care for a variety of adorable farm animals
  • Grow and process numerous types of vegetables and fruits
  • Build and customize your dream city
  • Explore the underground Ancient City to collect rare minerals and forge new upgrades
  • Try your luck at the Happy Balloon house and receive fascinating gifts
  • Earn special exclusive prizes in unique Events
  • Invest and earn cash in the City Bank
  • Find tons of great discount farming products and ingredients on the Market stall
  • Enjoy smooth gameplay experience along with beautiful graphics
  • Play the game offline anytime and anywhere


Farm City is designed with various gameplay mechanics that make it tough yet rewarding.

City Building

At its core, Farm City is a city-building game. Here, players are supposed to develop their towns by establishing different types of structures from residential areas to business districts. Each building serves its own function towards the growth and prosperity of your entire city. Resources management and ensuring happiness and productivity among citizens are therefore crucial elements in promoting urban development success.


Like city building, agriculture is a key part of Farm City. Dozens of plants can be cultivated, animals bred and produce made. These agricultural tasks provide necessary supplies for further developing the city or making profits through trade. Farming mechanics are easy to understand but they captivate the players and make them appreciate how serene life in the countryside could be compared to their own urban planning.

Production as well as trade

When it comes to production and trade, they play a pivotal role in the game. This means that players have to manage a complete chain of production ranging from raw materials up to finished goods and further exchange these goods for money and resources. Consequently, the strategic depth of the game is increased by this element since effective production and trading are imperative for city enlargement and development.

Game Modes

Farm City has a variety of modes that can cater to different preferences:

Campaign Mode

In this mode, there is a sequence of missions involving different puzzles aimed at guiding players on how to play the game, its mechanics and objectives etc. It comes in handy as an orientation tool for beginners since it presents an organized way of getting them acquainted with various aspects of town-creation business such as farming and construction.

Free Play Mode

For those who want a more laid back experience, Free Play Mode lets you make your own city at your own pace. There are no objectives or time limits set in this mode which allows for an open world where the player can be creative and explore.

Game Graphics and Sound

Farm City has stunning visuals and audio that makes it feel like you’re in another world.


Farm City’s graphics are bright, distinctive and full of life; it is very pretty. The buildings, crops, and characters have been beautifully designed to give the feel of an actual village. It strikes a fine blend between realism and fantasy making it ideal for all ages.


The sound quality of Farm City is just as good as its graphics. The background music will always be calm, relaxing, or cheerful depending on what players choose during building their city or following their farm work. The game is made even better with such sounds as those in the city streets or animals mooing softly in the fields. For more enjoyable gameplay, audio effects were tuned to perfection.


Ultimately, the title Farm City stands out as it offers a fresh combination of city-building and farming simulation. The game is engaging, offers various modes and excellent graphical representations and sound that make it a must-play for fans of this genre.

In Farm City every single moment is filled with excitement and satisfaction whether you are planning your city’s layout, harvesting crops or managing production and trade. Immerse yourself in both urban and rural management worlds’, experience the best of two realities in this captivatingly addictive game.

Farm City is not just another simulation but an oddly intriguing amusement park revolving around farming. No matter if you’re a strategy junkie or casual gamer, its finely tuned mechanics coupled with stunning visuals will keep you glued to your screen for hours on end. Have fun farming and constructing!

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