Money Rush (MOD, Unlimited Money) APK v4.20.0

App Name Money Rush
Size 150M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 4.20.0
Update July 3, 2024 (1 week ago)
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MOD Info
  • Unlimitted Money
  • No Ads


Money Rush is a game that is exciting and fast-paced, where you get to build your financial empire by collecting coins and turning them into cash. It was developed by Rollic Games as a way of making it enjoyable for players with an interest in strategic money management in a vibrant setting.

Game Overview

Concept and Design

Combining endless runner elements with financial strategy makes Money Rush one of a kind. At different levels, the main goal is to navigate through them and collect coins which should be done strategically to get maximum returns on investments. The game’s colorful graphics and simple design enable anyone including children to play from the start without any difficulties.

Gameplay Mechanics

Collecting and Converting Coins

The coin avatar controlled by the player in Money Rush is taken through a series of obstacles and gates. Each gate has a multiplier that can either increase or decrease your coin count, requiring careful planning and quick decision-making to maximize your earnings. Once gathered at the end of each level, they are changed into cash which can then be reinvested for expansion purposes.

Building Your Empire

Following the successful conversion of coinage to currency, you may commence investing in various establishments located within money land. This turns idle tycoonish experience as these houses offer passive income. You will progress through more such premises each carrying distinct revenue opportunities while adding up to your overall fortune.

Special Features

  • Exciting Coin Rush: Go through stages filled with multipliers as well as obstacles to amass lots of coins.
  • Turn Coins into Cash: Convert your collected coins into cash at the end of each level.
  • Unlock Money-Making Venues: Build and upgrade shops and other venues generating passive income.
  • Idle Tycoon Elements: Get passive earnings from developed venues even when inactive playing.

Strategy and Tips

Maximizing Earnings

It is better to take gates with big x in Cash Rush if you want to get more money. Moreover, run ahead only through such stages that do not reduce coins and try to collect as many coins as possible. You can not increase the limits of your financial kingdom without haste and thinking.

Upgrading Venues

Therefore, cash must be invested into upgrading the already existing places to increase their yields resulting in unlocking new locations within a short period. Earnings are higher at these improved spots leading one closer to other places. In this manner, calculated progress can be made by finding the right balance between improvement and fresh investment.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Negative multipliers and barriers should be avoided because they will cost you more coins. Therefore, such levels should be passed carefully so that you would not become engaged in them. Depending on how much money you make from them, these areas will offer an opportunity for one to increase his or her business operations.

Game Modes

Endless Runner Mode

In Money Rush, there is the endless runner mode which sees players dodge obstacles while collecting as many coins as they can. For those who love quick action games that require fast wits and planning, this is their choice of a mode.

Idle Tycoon Mode

Aside from endless runner mode, Money Rush has an idle tycoon mode where users have passive earning platforms. It means that at times when there are no active gaming sessions taking place growth never stops even during such situations but keeps on going steadily thanks to these strategic decisions made here


The Money Rush game is an exciting game that integrates the fun of endless runners with the wisdom of financial planning. Its mechanics are basic but captivating, thus making it suitable for any age group while possessing strategic parts that make it more profound in the event of individuals yearning for something challenging. In Money Rush one can gather coins or construct your money kingdom as you move through levels; hence there is no limit to amusement or progress. Begin today and discover how wealthy you may become!

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