World of Airports MOD APK v2.3.5 (All Airports, Planes Unlocked)

World of Airports: Manage, expand, and connect in this immersive airport management sim. Build your aviation empire and soar to new heights!

App Name World of Airports
Size 1.01 GB
Mod Features All Airports/Planes Unlocked
Latest Version 2.3.5
Update June 27, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Introducing World of Airports

World of Airports is a game designed with the theme of airport management, not aircraft control. In this game, you will play the role of an airport manager, responsible for operational activities, without flying skills. Your tasks include unlocking planes, maintaining them after a period of use, and planning flights including routes and landing points. Besides, you also need to recruit staff to manage separate activities in the operating system and ensure work is done effectively.According to each game level, you need to develop the airport by upgrading and improving amenities to ensure the airport operates more smoothly.

This is really not a simple job, especially for those who are not knowledgeable about the aviation industry. However, this game helps you understand and approach the aviation industry easily with just a few “clicks” on the screen. You just need to tap and tap to complete the task. However, to become proficient, you will need to go through a long learning process. This is a great opportunity to learn in-depth about the airport system and related operations. If you are passionate about this topic, don’t hesitate to explore all that the game has to offer.

Become a flight planner

In the game World of Airports, you will take on the role of an air traffic controller, where you need to ensure that flights not only depart on schedule, but also land safely after flying in the sky. This job is not simple, because there are many factors that affect flight organization. The airport in the game has many different parking spots and runways for accelerating departures. Destinations are distributed on the world map, connecting a series of airports in many countries. With many types of aircraft to choose from, you need to develop a detailed and orderly flight plan, from selecting the departure runway to the time and destination. So how can you organize your flights? Flight that avoids conflict? This is no small challenge and you will need to learn thoroughly through the game’s tutorial system. If you create an effective plan, your airport can make significant profits. To ensure the flight plan goes smoothly, logistical preparation is extremely important. In particular, you need to make sure that each aircraft has the necessary fuel supply to operate. Managing and operating your flight safely will help you receive bonuses.

Take good care of the plane

In addition to planning and organizing flights, when working as an airport manager in World of Airports, you also need to perform many other activities. Ensuring fuel availability for aircraft is one of the top priorities. In addition, recruiting qualified staff to maintain the aircraft is very important, helping the aircraft operate stably for subsequent flights. At the same time, you must also ensure the runways are cleaned, removing trash and obstructions so that the space is always clean and non-slip, allowing the plane to depart smoothly and safely. There are many other activities you will do while participating in the game. Each activity needs careful attention because you will have to spend money to do it. With each completed mission, you will use the profits earned to maintain and develop your airport.

Choose your favorite plane

In World of Airports, you will find a variety of aircraft types, classified by sizes from S, M, L to X. Each type of aircraft, from ATR 72, BAE 146, B738 to A340, has unique characteristics in appearance and operation. They differ in storage capacity and performance based on technical indicators. When you join the game, you will have the opportunity to explore each type of aircraft in detail. Not only that, unlocking each type of aircraft will require a certain amount of money, accumulated from bonuses from completed missions. Gradually, you will be able to unlock and own all types of aircraft in the game. While playing World of Airports, weather and environmental conditions will often change and can cause significant obstacles. . As an air traffic controller, your duty is not only to regulate and plan flights but also to be alert to be able to adjust flight times or even delay them when necessary.Changes in weather that can make it difficult for you in this game, such as slippery road surfaces or poor visibility, can negatively affect the flight, making departure difficult and potentially potential to cause serious consequences. .

In this airport management game, you are invited to challenge yourself as an airline manager. You will have the opportunity to build and develop an epic airport city, and can discover many unique aircraft from around the world that you have never known before. As an airline manager, your duty is to ensure airport security and manage staff and crew. Work effectively with your teammates to complete work more effectively and quickly. Become a professional manager in the world of airport management with this simulation game!

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