Hexapolis MOD APK v1.18.01 (Unlimited Money, Battle Pass)

Hexapolis: Civilization Wars – Command civilizations, conquer hexagonal realms, and shape the course of history strategically.

App Name Hexapolis: Civilization Wars
Size 116M
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Battle Pass
Latest Version 1.18.01
Update July 22, 2024 (1 day ago)
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MOD Info

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Unlimited Items
4. Paid Battle Pass purchased


Attention all would-be warlords and potential emperors! In Civilization Wars: Hexapolis, you’ll be the creator of an invincible empire, which you will emerge from scratch as the ruler and lead your people to victory within a vast hex map. This is a captivating hex-based strategy game that takes you directly into a world of exploration, resource management and exciting tactical combat.

It doesn’t end there- Hexapolis incorporates other unique features like powerful hero units and rich technology trees hence one has to plan meticulously where they want to reach for them to dominate with ease. This means that in Hexapolis, the only limit is your cunning strategies!

Gameplay Overview

Hexapolis: Civilization Wars embraces the core principles of the 4X genre: Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate. Your journey begins with a humble village nestled on the hex map. Here too an important role is played by exploration as well.

Survey nearby terrains and discover hidden resources while meeting mysterious outlanders both hostile or friendly in nature. You’ll also have to develop new cities as you expand your boundaries so that this can maximize resource acquisition.

Therefore, it is crucial to exploit these resources for growing civilizations. Carefully manage farms mines and markets in order to sustain an economy capable of driving technological advances forward effectively.

However, expansion attracts attention so be prepared to eradicate any opposition that comes your way! Take advantage of your expanding army; strategically moving them across the hex grid outmaneuvering foes through intelligence instead of using force against them constantly or overpowering them sometimes unnecessarily.

On each turn you are given certain action points meaning that it’s vital for you make quick decisions regarding what move could be best or worse thus optimizing path towards victory.

Games Features:

  • Turn based strategy
  • Building Kingdoms
  • Exploring the planet for natural resources
  • Technological Mastery
  • Navigating Each Turn
  • Making War
  • Developing Nations
  • Training Brave Soldiers
  • Winning Battles against Foreigners
  • Two game modes (normal and hard)
  • Stylized in amazing low poly graphics
  • Colonizing the world of politopia

Mastering Your Civilization

Hexapolis goes beyond simple city building. You’ll become a true maestro of your civilization’s development, meticulously crafting a flourishing empire. Here is where the game really comes into its own.

Construct a range of buildings, all important to your success. Farms feed people while mines produce valuable resources for use in technological breakthroughs. The bustling markets, however, earn money to finance expansion and military buildup. But there is more to be done than just having a strong economy.

Technology forms the backbone of progress in Hexapolis. Explore the tech tree with its multitude of branches to unlock powerful upgrades and unique units for your army. Are you going to prioritize economic supremacy by developing technologies that maximize resource extraction and trade? Alternatively, does an aggressive approach lure you closer with weapon advancements and armor forging an all conquering legion? This is up to you as each path offers different experiences on gameplay.

Hero units also add another layer of strategic intrigue to Hexapolis. These mighty champions have special abilities that can turn the tide of battle completely around. Exploit their strengths and weaknesses for ruinous strikes on opponent armies strengthening your own forces greatly as well.This way you will be able to conquer Hexaverse with properly managed city, carefully researched tech tree and some powerful heroes!

Conquering the Hexaverse

The hex map in Hexapolis is your canvas, a world brimming with secrets and opportunities. Unfogging every hex meticulously reveals concealed resources that help drive the economic engine more efficiently or sometimes it can be even worse than this if one does not take caution when trying to make these things work out better for themselves because they may act as a bait/game changer who might want them before anyone else gets hands-on them due to profit-making.

Combat necessitates strategic movement and positioning. The hex grid on every unit’s movement and attack range adds another dimension to tactics. Exploit the terrain by flanking the enemy and using bottlenecks to get maximum firepower.

Hexapolis has a variety of unit types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In your infantry, spearmen are your backbone while archers pour death from distance. Cavalry have good flanking skills; on the other hand, siege weapons can be used to destroy enemy fortifications. Understanding these details and shrewdly moving your troops across hex grids holds the key to achieving tactical superiority over your enemies.


Hexapolis: Civilization Wars invites ambitious emperors and warlords to build a great empire on an enormous map made up of hexagons. This captivating turn-based strategy game combines exploration, resource gathering as well as exciting combat scenarios.

Build large cities for research purposes; command heroes who always win in battles, control superior military technology just to mention a few of them. Hexapolis provides a thrillingly deep gameplay which is played by an active community where strategy enthusiasts will find themselves glued down for hours together with friends playing this game that you can’t simply forget about.

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