Summoners Greed MOD APK v1.77.3 (Free Purchases)

App Name Summoners Greed
Size 130M
Mod Features Free Purchases
Latest Version 1.77.3
Update July 11, 2024 (1 day ago)
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Game Overview

Summoners Greed Mod APK is an excellent tower defense that provides an enthusiastic gamer the experience needed to plan wisely and execute a turn of mischievous events. This mobile game is designed by PIXIO to entice players to a fairy tale like world where players turn to be a summoner, who stole a king’s treasure. The journey starts with the summoner venturing to protect his invulnerable riches which are invaded by hoards of heroes sent by the angry king.

Game Features

  • Tower Defense Gameplay: There will be incoming waves of heroes that you must defend your precious loot from.
  • Summon Monsters: Summon different types of monsters, whose special powers are staggered in attacking.
  • Upgrade Monsters: There are three groups of command cards: enhancing the power and skills of your monsters, global effects, and card effects that affect both players.
  • Cast Spells: Deploy forceful enchantments for purposes of defense.
  • Challenging Waves: Succeed at more challenging levels of waves of enemies.
  • Special Events: Take part in time-limited activities for incentives that are not given throughout the day.
  • Seasonal Content: Holidays and themes make a great addition to the games list.
  • Leaderboard Competition: Play to win and woe to the nation that loses in this segment.
  • Boss Battles: Participate in extra combats against opposing powerful Black Arm bosses.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Explore versatility of game graphics from bright and cheerful colors to simple and more of a juvenile style.
  • Engaging Soundtrack: To help make the workout fun, you should always pump some good music that is toe-tapping.
  • Frequent Updates: Frequent updates ensure that the content behind the game is fresh and continues to captivate a player.


In essence, Summoners Greed is a game that is entirely focused on positioning the Monsters, and more to it, utilizing them to defend against against attacking heroes. Every monster has its own skills, and using the skills can be given upgrades which adds to the competency of the monster. The game mechanics are quite intuitive while still offering great complexity, making it ideal for both casual and fanatical audiences.

Core Mechanics

  • Monster Summoning: Many bosses and players are invited to various strong monsters to work together to form a ‘wall’ of defense.
  • Spell Casting: Use highly effective magic to support your monsters whenever you are fighting and this ranges from freezing the opponents and making them immobilized to launching raw fire attacks at them.
  • Resource Management: Gather and distribute materials carefully in order to strengthen your monsters and magical arts and prepare for battles against villains and tougher heroes.

Strategic Depth

  • Placement Tactics: The basics of monster positioning are the thing that can help achieve victory over the adversary. It is important to identify objectives of each monster and how it can benefit others in the process of completion of the mission.
  • Timing and Coordination: The usage of spells is crucial here, when cast at the right time can bring a lot of difference in the battle results. Coordination and synchronizing times with spell casting as well as monster activity turns are critical in the game.

Game Modes

Catalogue of hard challenges that can be found in Summoners Greed So, there are many game modes within Summoners Greed to make the players continue the gameplay and boost the difficulty level. Challenges exist in each mode, meaning that there is always a fresh experience awaiting a person when in a new mode.

Classic Mode

  • Endless Waves: Here, the opponents are unlimited, and the player increases the difficulty level of each wave as they progress through the game. It means that the primary objective is to endure as many attacks from the opponents and score a high number of points as possible.
  • Leaderboard Competition: Challenge yourself to the optimum rank and showcase your skills through scores in the world charts.

Event Challenges

  • Limited-Time Events: Scheduling implies the inclusion of special concerns with specific incentives arising from the occurrence of particular events. Many of these occasions bring out specific monster and spells – which definitely make a game much more interesting.
  • Seasonal Themes: One must recognize that the game is developing seasonal themes or the game gives players festive or thematic content to make the game attractive and entertaining.

Hero Rush Mode

  • Boss Battles: In this mode, players are up against some really difficult bosses which are to be defeated by coming up with fancy strategies and a solid wall to protect the important weapons.
  • Special Rewards: Defeating these bosses not only rewards players with new monsters and spell boosts, but it also discovers how to overcome them is much more rare.


Summoners Greed is an interesting and fun to play title in the tower defense genre which although simple in its core idea, gives a lot of tactical options. The reason for this is; given the wide range of games that are available online, this has game modes and graphics that no other game can offer, it is cute and accommodates players of all ages, and lastly, it is updated frequently to offer players a variety of challenges.

No matter what type of player you are, whether you play simple games seeking only some fun or a complex strategy game, Summoners Greed gives you one of the best entertaining and, at the same time, engaging experiences. Get ready for the leaf Lanka and choose your favorite hero: welcome to the magical world of Summoners Greed!

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