State of Survival MOD APK v1.21.90 (Immortality, DMG, Unlimited Skills)

App Name State of Survival
Size 515M
Mod Features Immortality, DMG, Unlimited Skills
Latest Version 1.21.90
Update July 11, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod with the following options:

  • disable delay before the first one (immediately after Attention, infected!) using skills;
  • immortality;
  • Increased damage dealt.

If after tuing on the last two points you cannot go through any stage, then tu them off and go through the problem area.


State of Survival is an exciting survival strategy game that takes place in a grim, post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. Its engaging gameplay and rich narrative have attracted millions of players all over the world.

State of Survival asks you to rebuild amidst chaos. This guide is essential for both the experienced strategist or novice survival games player as it provides useful tips on how to survive and thrive in this Zombie-filled land.

Game Overview

In State of Survival, the earth has been ruined by a deadly zombie outbreak. Cities are now rubble with only few survivors remaining alive. Your mission is to survive, rebuild and take back the world from these monsters.

It has an immersive storyline which pulls you into a war for human existence. You will discover secrets, confront formidable enemies and make alliances with other survivors as you advance.

The main objectives are simply: create a safe base, collect resources, fight against zombies as well as rival fractions.

Features of the game

  • Building a Base: In order to generate resources, create troops and research technologies, players are required to build as well as upgrade their own buildings within their settlements. For survival and growth, it is important that a base should be effectively run.
  • Recruiting survivors: You can also recruit and train various members who will possess different skills and abilities to help you protect your place from any attack or undertake certain missions.
  • Zombie fighting: Battle against rival factions and zombie hordes in strategic combat. Outsmart enemies by deploying these soldiers and using strategies in order to outwit them.
  • Resource management: Promptly pick, gather, control food stuffs, water supplies as well as other materials needed for life in your site growing bigger.
  • Research & Development: Improve defenses of your settlement; produce resources more efficiently through new technology development or upgrading existing ones.
  • Alliance System: Collaborate on missions share resources / participate in large-scale battles by joining with others or establishing an alliance with them.
  • Story-driven Campaigns: As part of this game’s plot-based narratives which unfold various mysteries behind the zombie apocalypse while presenting a wide array of missions and challenges
  • PvP&PvE Modes: A diversity of potential gameplay experiences is enabled by having both PvP (player versus player) mode(s) included.

Gameplay Mechanics

Base Building And Resource Management

This involves base building which is one of the key mechanics in State of Survival. The base acts as your sanctuary and also where everything else in your camp revolves around. At first start with important structures like farms, lumber mills and barracks among others. 

Upgrading these buildings increases resource production and defense capabilities respectively. Resources are vital if you must survive here hence food, wood, metal, fuel gas and biocapsules. Efficient use of these resources is necessary for progress towards the goals set by the player.

Training & Managing Survivors

Your team’s backbone is composed of survivors who are at all times charged with duties that aim to improve their productivity and protect them as well when they are in the base camp. This can be achieved through their involvement in various roles;

Foragers who find food warriors who guard against attackers/defenders medics who take care of the injured during any battle this means they should be taught well so that every situation would not be a problem whenever they are on duty hence making them come out with skilful ways to handle whatever type of cases which might arise and thus make their group have a good team capable tackling almost anything without fear of losing for example investing in their training.

Combat System & Strategies

State of Survival combines dynamic combat with strategy. In addition to zombies, human players also serve as enemies. Therefore, an army composed by survivalists could be arranged tactically so as to compete more effectively against the enemy on the battlefield. Utilize diverse skills possessed by other survivors and tactics that bring advantage over opponents.

Focus on getting stronger troops or heroes to increase their efficiency during battles. Also consider defenses against raids from invaders. For instance, you need to construct and upgrade your defensive structures’ ability to counteract any assaults made by your foes.


State of Survival provides an encompassing experience for devotees of survival strategy games. There are always exciting things to do right from constructing your base and managing resources, to fighting the epic battles and building alliances up. By following the tips and strategies discussed in this guide, you can easily thrive in this post-apocalyptic world. Get into it, join the community, and leave your prints on the State of Survival!

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