Kingdom Clash MOD APK v2.1.5 (Auto Battle, Reward, Speed Battle)

Kingdom Clash: Forge your kingdom, lead mighty armies, and engage in epic battles. Conquer, strategize, and form alliances in this immersive world of power and diplomacy.

App Name Kingdom Clash
Size 990M
Mod Features Auto Battle, Reward, Speed Battle
Latest Version 2.1.5
Update June 24, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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  • You can get free stuff without watching ads.
  • Unlocked the ability to speed up battles.


  • Troop Spawn Injection
  • Auto Battle
  • Acquired all modes on the map
  • Speed up battle x2

Introducing Kingdom Clash MOD APK

If you are looking for a game about kingdoms and armies, then Kingdom Clash MOD APK will be the ideal choice. Become the commander of your empire’s legions, giving decisive orders in every battle spanning dynasties. Dominate every land to prove your strategic talent, collect different civilizations to build a powerful army. The battle in Kingdom Clash is not limited by time, each confrontation brings new challenges. There is no easy battle, only smart people can decide the outcome of the battle.

In Kingdom Clash MOD APK, battles are recreated from many famous battles in history, but with small adjustments to bring diversity in tactics. You will always play the role of the highest commander of the empire, your main task is to expand your territory by conquering different lands in the world and defeating rival countries. Each match requires effective military deployment and attack, because each position and force are special. Organize and classify battle areas intelligently to achieve ultimate victory.

Kingdom Clash – Strategy Game

Online battle mode

The game’s army command and control system is very complex and novel for players to arrange or deploy many reasonable formations based on the strength or composition of the enemy. Although everything also happens in real time, players can meticulously build their squad before the match starts. Over time, they can flexibly and effectively transform entire armies to confront powerful enemies while ensuring minimal casualties.

Kingdom Clash – Strategy Game

Become a strategist for the empire

Because it is a war simulation game, Kingdom Clash MOD APK will introduce historical civilizations, along with the special appearance of a new force, the demon king. After waking up from a long sleep, he devoured his plan to take over the world with his power. As a growing empire, we cannot ignore our responsibility to prevent that from happening. Unite all military systems in the territory and prepare for the biggest war ever. Your command ability will determine success or failure, and combining different civilizations is the key to creating the most powerful army.

Kingdom Clash – Strategy Game

Recruit all heroes around the world

A great army cannot lack a supreme commander. You are the overall commander of the war, but controlling large military units can become difficult. So what is the solution to this problem? That is the summoning of generals from different periods. The summoning system will give you a general from any civilization, along with their signature army. Take advantage of the advantages of each army to create an effective strategy. At the same time, succeeding against opponents and uniting powers from different generations is fascinating and challenging.

Kingdom Clash – Strategy Game

Optimize power to the extreme

Each general has his own unique characteristics in his army. From cavalry, knights, archers to bombardiers, each unit under their command plays a special role. Their effectiveness is not only about design, but also reflects on their strength. For example, cavalry and knights often have high durability and strong frontal combat. Archers are often placed in the back, continuously shooting arrows at the enemy. Bombing troops often create large gaps in the enemy ranks. Continuous upgrades, along with the use of money and equipment, help increase the strength of soldiers. At the same time, combining different types of soldiers in each battle is also an important factor to ensure not to lose.

Kingdom Clash – Strategy Game

Transform the land physical your idea

The primary goal of each commander is to expand their territory around the world, from arid deserts to winding forests and mountains, and even icy lands. Everywhere is an ideal destination to develop civilization. However, this also means facing directly many enemies who plan to take over the territory before you. Their military strength is not inferior to any empire. Each war became more fierce as the involvement of empires increased. Each battlefield has its own terrain characteristics, making each match unique. Let your enemies see that you can use your intelligence to defeat them without having to use military power.


Conflicts between different kingdoms have occurred a lot in human history. All battles are complex and require many innovative strategies. This is a strong source of inspiration for developing Kingdom Clash MOD APK. This is an opportunity for gamers to demonstrate their leadership abilities as they enter battle with powerful armies. By combining the abilities of civilizations, they can create special new powers. Kingdom Clash MOD is an experience not to be missed to explore the history and characteristics of many past generations.

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