Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK v1.66.0 (Unlimited Boosters/Lives)

Angry Birds Dream Blast takes you to a whimsical dream world where strategic bubble-popping puzzles await. Join your favorite characters in this dreamy adventure today!

App Name Angry Birds Dream Blast
Size 150M
Mod Features Unlimited Boosters/Lives
Latest Version 1.66.0
Update July 4, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduction to Angry Birds Dream Blast

The franchise Angry Birds has become a household name and it is impossible to resist its catchy tunes, funny looking characters and the fun of sling shooting feathered projectiles at fragile pig shelters. But did you know there’s a whole new way to experience the wacky world of Angry Birds? Brace yourself because Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK is here! Join us as we embark on a lively and thrilling puzzle adventure that will change the course of this franchise towards more joyful directions. Rather than slingshotting, this bubble-popping fiesta adopts a stylish and colorful strategy game that will keep you grinning all the time.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Angry Birds Dream Blast

Dive into Dreamy Gameplay

Angry Birds Dream Blast will feel like coming home if you’ve ever enjoyed any of those classic bubble pop games. The basic idea for playing revolves around matching colored bubbles so that they explode in a satisfying burst of color. The more bubbles you can match with just one swipe, the higher your score rises. However, Angry Birds Dream Blast goes beyond mere bubble matching. As players advance through each level, they encounter Pig locks which serve as hurdles.

These annoying locks require players to clear away certain number of bubbles surrounding them before being able to proceed further up. Also, every level has a different kind of mission like reaching target scores or filling specified numbers of stars or popping fixed amounts of particular colors among others. These objectives make gameplay more strategic by forcing players to think ahead while making moves as quick as possible.

Different types of bubbles thrown by the game introduce an element of diversity and difficulty. Some are bigger requiring multiple taps before bursting while others are chained together so that popping one clears everything in that chain consequently killing two birds with one stone. These special bubbles add complexities to gameplay and help blitz through boards faster than others do. It is important therefore for players to learn how these different types function if they want to beat even the most puzzling levels.

Meet the Feathery Friends: Power Up with Your Favorite Angry Birds

Die-hard Angry Birds fans, rejoice! Your favorite feathered friends haven’t been sidelined in Dream Blast. In fact, they play a crucial role in the game as powerful power-ups. By strategically collecting specific colored bubbles, you can unleash the unique abilities of the iconic Angry Birds cast, including the fiery Red, the speedy Chuck, the explosive Bomb and many more.

While at it Red is so furious that he emits steam out of his body which then bursts all bubbles forming a line along its path a perfect way to break stubborn clumps. On the other hand Chuck uses his super-fast reflexes to allow players swap the positions of two bubbles on their boards making room for clever and strategic bubble placement. This is just but few instances among many others whereby each angry bird character has a particular power that could change an entire level beyond recognition. Integrating these character power-ups into your bubble-popping strategy adds another layer of depth and excitement to the gameplay, making even the most challenging levels a rewarding puzzle to solve.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Levels: A Never-Ending Puzzle Adventure

Get ready for a journey of what could be infinite bubbles that will pop! It is a fact that the Angry Birds Dream Blast has an astonishing number of levels with each offering a unique challenge and keeping you entertained for hours. Also, new levels keep being added up making it possible to have ever fresh content for exploration. A range of delightful backdrops includes tropical beaches bathed in sunlight and castles high up in the air filled with bright colors. The puzzles are designed such that they can be played by anyone who loves puzzles as well as those who just want to enjoy their time. This is because the game incorporates various levels, challenges and surprises.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Angry Birds Dream Blast Angry Birds Dream Blast

More Than Just Popping Bubbles: Weekly Challenges and Events Keep the Fun Going

Angry Birds Dream Blast isn’t just about popping bubbles; it goes beyond this to ensure that players remain engaged throughout the game. The game also contains weekly challenges, which are available through its hub. These puzzle quests may include unique gameplay features as well as rewards like boosters, power-ups or extra lives among others for successful participation. Whether you have been playing puzzles for years on end or you are just looking for some relaxation from your busy schedule through a casual gaming experience, there’s always something remarkable in Angry Birds Dream Blast.

Soaring Through the Free-to-Play Skies

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a totally free game! Download it without any cost at all and start enjoying bubble-popping frenzy together with various levels right away! Nonetheless, optional in-app purchases are available on Angry Birds Dream Blast to enhance player performance if required. In particular situations where one might get stuck on some difficult level, these purchases can help you gain extra points or even extend your life span within a given stage of play (if applicable). Nevertheless, playability comes first when deciding whether to make use of this option since it doesn’t interfere with normal gameplay itself.


This popular series carries its fans away into the new wonderful world through Angry Birds Dream Blast. This amazing puzzle game contains an incredible combination of strategic bubble-popping, beloved characters from Angry Birds, and what seems to be never-ending number of levels. Angry Birds Dream Blast is a fun and relaxing puzzle experience that will leave you with a smile on your face whether you’ve been playing for years or just want something entertaining to do with your time. So why are you still waiting? Download the game today and start your own dreamy puzzle adventure!

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