Road Trip MOD APK v0.29.2 (Unlimited Money)

Road Trip Mod APK: Embark on a 1980s-themed adventure, merging items, solving puzzles, and exploring diverse locations.

App Name Road Trip
Size 153M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 0.29.2
Update July 23, 2024 (1 day ago)
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Starting your adventure journey in Road Trip MOD APK is an opportunity to show off your design talent. Your goal is to explore every corner of the mysterious, unexplored lands. Every place you set foot on is extremely pristine land, your mission is to explore these lands and create your personal mark here. Therefore, you will design and develop those plots of land yourself according to your ideas. You are free to build things on the land according to your unique ideas, but you also need to consider and arrange buildings appropriately so that your area can develop. Going through adventurous and exciting trips, you will have the opportunity to implement your design ideas during the process of discovery.

Your journeys of exploring and building the land will now be tied to your design abilities. So you need to show off your ability to find mysteries and unique designs at the same time. Finding the mystery of the land will help you better understand the environment here. Besides, you need to clearly understand each area you need to renovate to get reasonable designs. After having a design plan, you can gradually create breakthrough changes. And you can upgrade all of them to make your lands even better. Explore the lands on your adventure and enjoy the structures you build.

Road Trip: Royal merge games

Download Road Trip now to discover your hidden design talent

You will enter a world of adventures for those who love to explore. That’s when you have the opportunity to explore new lands. However, the reality you encounter is places with landscapes that still retain their wild beauty from the 1980s. As a passionate explorer, you feel the responsibility to contribute to making these places become fresher, more attractive. So, you decide to use your design talent to build new buildings, improve old architecture and remove outdated elements from the ground up. Embark on your journey and discover the fascinating stories behind the design and regeneration of the lands you visit.

Road Trip: Royal merge games

Adventure journey

Alex, with his exceptional design talent, yearns to share his creativity with the world. Thus, the journey of discovery was begun and he willingly entered it with a clear goal. It is about discovering mysterious lands that still contain many secrets that have not been discovered by anyone. However, Alex realized that he couldn’t do everything by himself, and decided to cooperate with his teammates. Together with his team, he will uncover the mysteries of these lands. And on this journey is a combination of discovery and design, inviting you to join Alex to show off your talent. 

Road Trip: Royal merge games

Become a skilled designer

You will join Alex as a member of the group exploring new lands. Your task is to redesign new plots of land and outdated architectural works. Explore the mysteries of each land, freely develop your creative talent in each mission. During this journey, you will have the opportunity to learn more about historical landmarks around the world. More than that, you will learn a lot from Alex’s outstanding design ability as he comes up with countless creative ideas that will keep you hooked. The combination of your design ideas and his will bring new life to old lands. By completing the design tasks, you and Alex will overcome all challenges together in this journey of discovery.

Road Trip: Royal merge games

Difficult tasks

The lands you pass through need to be changed because they are still unimproved. Dilapidated buildings need to be rebuilt to improve their appearance and quality. The interiors were also damaged and had to be made more modern. However, to implement the design plan you need to combine objects. These are all design challenges you must overcome to get new items and decorate your land. Overcome challenges and upgrade the design of new lands, and learn about the stories behind them that won’t disappoint you.

Road Trip: Royal merge games

Start your journey at Road Trip

As you and Alex embark on an adventure of discovery, you will be responsible for carrying out design tasks. Each trip leads to new lands, containing horrifying secrets. Together with Alex’s team, you will discover and create new buildings and unique interiors. These changes will bring a new look to each land you pass through. However, to collect the necessary decorative items, you must pass interesting design stories. Download Road Trip APK to start your journey of designing and recreating mysterious lands.

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