Angry Birds Friends MOD APK v12.4.0 (Unlimited Boosters)

App Name Angry Birds Friends
Size 105M
Mod Features Unlimited Boosters
Latest Version 12.4.0
Update July 5, 2024 (1 week ago)
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MOD Info

Boosters quantity don’t decrease when spent!

Game Overview

Angry Birds Friends is a competitive, social version of the original Angry Birds. This free-to-play game by Rovio Entertainment invites you to participate in dynamic tournaments with friends and global players. More than just flinging birds at pigs it is a test of strategy, precision, and friendly competition.

Angry Birds Friends’ vibrant graphics and compelling challenges make for endless fun. The game offers weekly tournaments that make it unique among others in its genre as well as the delight of climbing up the leaderboards. Whether you are an occasional gamer or a die-hard competitor, there is something here for everyone. Also, the fun never ends with regular updates!

Game features

  • Weekly Tournaments: Compete in six new levels every week when different tournaments begin.
  • Competitive Leaderboards: Battle your friends and other global opponents.
  • Power-Ups: Boost your bird’s power using power-ups like Super Seeds, Birdquake and King Sling.
  • Special-Themed Events: Join events that last for some time only with their unique challenges.
  • Social Connectivity: Connect to Facebook to play against friends.
  • Regular Updates: Keep getting more levels and features through constant content updates.


Easy to Learn, Fun to Master

Angry Birds Friends stays true to its roots as a simple yet addictive game. You launch these birds into structures filled with pesky pigs using their distinct abilities. The objective being destroying all the pigs using fewest number of birds possible. While any person can easily control it, each stage has its own hidden mysteries that require expertise and practice to unravel them.

Power-Ups Galore

The numerous power-ups featured in Angry Birds Friends set it apart from other games within this category. These tools are helpful especially when trying to beat difficult levels. For instance King Sling helps your bird hit harder or Birdquake which can shatter anything as well as disrupt pig defences in mind-blowing way. Knowing when and how to use these power-ups well is a key factor for topping the leaderboards.

Game Modes

Weekly Tournaments

The core of Angry Birds Friends comes in the form of weekly tournaments. Every Monday, six new levels are introduced that get reset after each tournament. These high scores can be earned against friends and other players from all over the world with rewards given according to your performance. This endless cycle of fun and competition is what will keep you engaged in playing the game always.

Special Events

Apart from regular tournaments, Angry Birds Friends hosts many special events throughout the year. These events have themes, as well as exclusive levels and bonuses. Such special events bring diversity to this game whether it may be holiday-themed event or collaborations with different brands; they also often come with unique power-ups and bonuses you don’t want to miss out on.

Social Play

Angry Birds Friends encourages social interaction among its players.Connect your game to Facebook so that you can engage in head-to-head competitions with your buddies. The social elements of the game add an edge to competition through making wins more satisfying and losses more inspiring. Share your progress, challenge friends, and find who really owns Angry Bird.

Why Angry Birds Friends Stands Out

Engaging Community

The community aspect of Angry Birds Friends’ is robust and active. Being part of this community adds a great deal of enjoyment while also enabling one to get tips, tricks and strategies from other gamers here.’ Join conversations about achievements made by various users like yourself so as to improve on gaming tactics.

Dynamic Updates

Rovio keeps Angry Birds Friends constantly updated with new content, making sure that the game remains fresh and interesting. These updates consist of additional stages, events and sometimes birds are introduced as well. The developers’ dedication to keeping the game up to date means that there is always something to look forward to hence players will keep coming back for more.


The charm of the classic Angry Birds gameplay has been successfully combined with modern competitive elements in Angry Birds Friends. It stands out from other games in this genre because of its gripping tournaments, strategic power-ups, and an active social community. Whether you want to pass time or reign on top of leaderboards, Angry Birds Friends has a thrilling experience for gamers of all kinds. Download it today and join us!

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