Survivor Island MOD APK v158 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Survivor Island
Size 132M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 158
Update June 27, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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MOD Info

Unlimited Currency (never decrease, need enough first)
Get Rewards without Ads

Game Overview

Survivor Island-Idle Game is a thrilling combination of strategy and survival, made by Longames. This game takes players to an uninhabited island where they can construct structures, produce items and stay alive in the face of obstacles.

You have to grow your island whilst keeping your survivors safe in this game. The game has stunning visuals, captivating sound effects and an ever-changing day-night system that makes it more engaging.

Game features

SIM and Survival Combination:

  • It is a game that combines sports, survival and resource management aspects as they involve building of an island and also the inhabitants’ lives have to be guaranteed.

Resource Collection:

  • To keep the survivors healthy, players must find resources such as wood, stone, food etc.
  • The bonfire should always be maintained to protect against threats and ensure safety on the island.

Building and Crafting:

  • You should construct shelters and other buildings for expanding your island.
  • Make primitive tools or weapons for survival and defense purposes.

Changing Days/Nights:

  • There is a day-night cycle which affect how you play with different tasks depending on time of day.

Climate Conditions:

  • Survivors need to adapt with changing weather that may affect their health or morale levels.

Managing Survivors:

  • Rescue people and let them help in running of the islands wellbeing of others
  • Keep check on population thus preventing deaths due to famine or epidemic diseases


  • Get rid of fog so as to explore more areas within the island this improve your territories boundaries; moreover you get new sources of raw materials from there.


  • Safeguard your survivors from several threats including wild animals.


Survivor Island-Idle Game has an array of interactive mechanics, which keep players engaged. Here’s what you can expect:

Building and Crafting

  • Shelter Construction: Establish small shelters like huts to provide refuge from harsh weather conditions.
  • Tool Making: Make tools that will be used in survival and defense in tribes.
  • Exploration: Make your island expand its boundaries by removing fog and unveiling new zones.

Resource Management

  • Crude Catching: The primary resources are wood, stone and food required for the health of your people
  • Stoking the Fire: The bonfire must never go out so as to ensure survival during nights.
  • Basic Necessities: There should be enough food and medicine for survivors in order to live.

Survival Elements

  • Nightfall Cycle: The time of day determines different challenges as well as activities one undertakes.
  • Weather Changes: Survivors’ health is affected by how well they can adapt to changing climatic conditions.
  • Threats Elimination: Worry about such things like wild animals or other threats.

Game Modes

Survivor Island-Idle Game keeps on bringing new game modes in order to maintain the thrill and excitement of playing the game. The modes come with their own unique challenges, which provide players with a chance to put their survival skills into practice.

Campaign Mode

  • Follow a story: where you are taken through different situations of survival.
  • Progressive Challenges: How tough you become depends on how hard the challenges get at each stage of the narrative.

Survival Mode

  • Keep your survivors alive forever against rising threats; see if you can do it for as long as possible.
  • Compete for most minutes survived among other players.

Time-Limited Events

  • Special Events: Join in events that have special rewards and challenges too.
  • Limited Time: Finish tasks within specific time period to receive bonuses.


If you are a fan of survival games or strategy games, then Survivor Island Idle Game is one that you must play. Its stunning graphics, dynamic gameplay and engaging mechanics make it very immersive and different from any other game out there.

Whether constructing and crafting things, administering resources or just surviving throughout the night there is always something fun to do. Get Survivor Island-Idle Game now for your ultimate survivor adventure!

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