Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money) APK v6.4.5

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK:immerses you in the thrilling, lawless streets of Sin City. Rise from small-time crook to crime lord in this open-world, action-packed adventure.

App Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Size 135M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 6.4.5
Update July 4, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Game Overview

Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a fast-paced open-world action game that throws you headlong into the center of a city full of crime, taking inspiration from Las Vegas. Created by Naxeex LLC, this one inserts players in a sprawling urban environment and then encourages them to take part in various illegitimate endeavors. Regardless of whether you are swiping cars, getting involved in gun battles or just accomplishing tasks; this game will never cease to be immersive and exciting.

Game features

  • Complete missions and quests
  • Shape your character’s destiny by making choices
  • Engage in daring heists, car chases, and navigate a world of crime and power
  • Customize your character with unique outfits and weapons
  • Engage in dialogue with other characters
  • Race through the streets of Vegas
  • Battle rival gangs
  • Evade the police
  • Help your neighbor fix their car
  • Find the mafia lair
  • Execute complex missions
  • Make strategic choices to expand your empire
  • Conquer the open world environment of Vegas
  • Explore the city
  • Take on side quests and mini games
  • Interact with the environment and NPCs
  • Drive super cars
  • Engage in gun battles
  • Purchase weapons and melee items
  • Fly across skyscrapers on a plane
  • Buy a combat helicopter or mech
  • Upgrade your gangster skills
  • Equip your thug with superpowers
  • Fight waves of zombies
  • Battle a zombie boss and a mighty robot boss
  • Earn extra loot


Vegas Crime Simulator stands out with its different and interesting gameplay mechanics.

Open-World Exploration

The game’s expansive open-world setting is its heart and soul. You can freely explore the town while stumbling on new areas, meeting NPCs (non-playable characters), as well as unveiling secrets that have been concealed for long. This sense of freedom and exploration has great appeal since it lets you make your own choices and pace your gaming experience.

Missions and Challenges

There is no shortage of missions or challenges in this game which keep things fresh throughout. There are many different quests ranging from stealing cars to fighting gangs to robbing houses to running away from police cars at high speed through heavy traffic jams to assassinations with sniper rifles. And all these missions require not only good reactions but also strategic thinking. Completing missions successfully earns money and points toward leveling up your character gear too; both aspects are crucial for your character’s development over time.

Character Customization and Enhancements

Creating your avatar is a crucial part of Vegas Crime Simulator. You can change the appearance, dressing, and skills of your character. Also, the game provides an extensive weapons and car upgrade system that will allow you to increase your firepower and mobility. These enhancements are indispensable for completing difficult tasks or defeating more powerful enemies.

Games Modes

The following are some modes you can choose from while playing Vegas Crime Simulator:

Story Mode

This mode invites players into a series of missions which form part of the story line. Players who love structured gameplay with clear objectives and plotlines will find this mode suitable for their needs. It helps acquaint you with the mechanics of the game as well as gradually raising the level of difficulty to make it engaging in a balanced way.

Free Play Mode

For those who want less formal or mission-oriented play opportunities, Free Play Mode allows them to explore the open world without any particular assignments. This mode encourages exploration and experimentation; thus allowing one’s participation in diverse activities in order to discover numerous secrets that this game holds at his own rate of progressiveness.

Game Graphics and Sound

Vegas Crime Simulator is a game that when it comes to its visual as well as auditory presentation creates an immersive and vibrant world.


With detail and vibrancy, the graphics in Vegas Crime Simulator make the chaotic environment of the city come alive. In this regard, urban landscapes, character models, and vehicles are well defined to enhance realism and stimulation. The dynamic lighting and weather effects add another layer of immersion, making the city feel alive and responsive.


The sound design in Vegas Crime Simulator blends with its visuals in a perfect way. Energetic background music emphasizes action and adds excitement to it. Realistic sound effects like engine roars or gunfire fits with others to further immerse us into the game. This audio experience is finely tuned so that each moment feels more impacting and thrillingly exciting than ever before.


In conclusion, Vegas Crime Simulator is a standout title in the open-world action genre. It performs exceptionally well on gameplay, variety of game modes; stunning graphics as well as sound which makes it a great play for those who love crime games or action games generally. Whether you are navigating through dangerous streets in town or customizing your characters’ appearance or gear or participating in high stake missions every moment spent playing Vegas Crime Simulator holds a thrill within itself

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