Space Shooter MOD APK v1.807 (Money, God Mode, Damage, VIP)

Space Shooter: Epic battles, diverse spacecraft, and stunning visuals await in this intergalactic adventure. Defend the galaxy and become a space legend!

App Name Space Shooter
Size 245M
Mod Features Money, God Mode, Damage, VIP
Latest Version 1.807
Update July 15, 2024 (2 days ago)
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MOD Info

MOD 1 

Unlimited Money


1. God Mode
2. Damage x1 to x100
3. Unlimited Resources
4. Event Boss Kill Faster
5. Hack VIP + Ullimited Reward VIP
6. Play Online Mode
7. Speed Hack


Space Shooter MOD APK is a space battle that allows you to control a spaceship to eliminate strange creatures. On your journey to conquer the galaxy you will face evil flies. They are not normal creatures, when they collide you can damage the ship. Get ready for challenging raids and conquer new locations in the mysterious galaxy. Space Shooter starts from a position near Earth, players gradually send spaceships to other planets. This adventure is not easy. There are always enemies blocking your path and you must destroy them to continue. Many new fighters and weapon systems for players to freely choose.

The vast space gives players a long trip. Faced with numerous enemies and accomplices, you need to strategize both attack and defense. Most of your enemies are flies. But they are not simply ordinary flies with countless strange and large features. Don’t be afraid, use your weapons and abilities to conquer the galaxy

Space shooter – Galaxy attack Space shooter – Galaxy attack

The harsh war in the galaxy

As soon as the spaceship is started and begins to move, the player immediately encounters the first flock of flies. Each appearance puts the player in many dangers. They always evolve over time, making them more difficult to destroy when you know them. Space Shooter opens a fierce space battle with flies and those behind them. With an unruly nature, operating in groups of enemies makes the player have to work hard on this trip.


Flies are just the beginning of the fight, although overcoming them is not easy. The person behind the flies is really your worry. Bosses are often giant in size and equipped with modern weapon systems, always causing players to find ways to destroy them. If the Fly is only destroyed with a few bullets, the Boss’s tolerance is extremely large. If you only have a weapon with basic damage, it will take a lot of time to make it explode.

The improvement of spaceships

In addition to the ability to move, spaceships can also fight well when enemies appear. Space Shooter APK has many options with a beautifully rated spaceship system and diverse colors. Each fighter has a number of stars corresponding to its quality. If you want power, choose a spaceship with high damage right from the start. Of course, during the battle you can continue to upgrade to gain more power with your bonus money.


Each spacecraft is equipped with additional mini aircraft with combat support functions. Coordinate with small fighters and attack the enemy. There are many functions worth your attention when choosing a mini spacecraft. Space Shooter MOD APK promotes the spirit of courage, bringing players a world besieged by dangerous creatures. 

Vivid effect

Space Shooter has relatively high graphics quality. The magical colors in galactic battles create a feeling of excitement for players. Lightning and the power of the ship’s engine always bring players many surprises. The attack in Space Shooter is thrilling but also makes you feel satisfied.

Challenging mission

Maintaining the classic spaceship shooting gameplay, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. Players use the navigation button on one side, combined with the shooting button on the other side, to control their spaceship to move freely in the galaxy, shoot, destroy, and wipe out all invasions of spaceships by strange aliens.

Your task is to navigate your spaceship, weave through the corners of the screen, continuously fire, hit, and take down as many spaceships of the alien invaders as possible.

The game is divided into several stages, each stage ends with a boss. Each stage has its own spaceships, colors and attack methods. Through the level, defeat the boss, you will receive a summary of bonus points. Bonus points accumulated up to a certain limit will be used to upgrade weapons (change guns, add bullets, add firepower…). Reaching a certain level will open new spaceships with much more destructive power and attacks.

Don’t forget to ignore power-ups to speed up the leveling process or create short-term advantages against super powerful enemies.

Just like that, the game lasts indefinitely, taking you through many asteroids, facing countless strange enemies and giant bosses that are no more physical. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is therefore extremely suitable for short-term entertainment periods, you can save this game in your device forever without getting bored.

Space shooter – Galaxy attack Space shooter – Galaxy attack Space shooter – Galaxy attack

Innovation in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

If you have ever been a fan of classic arcade spaceship shooting games, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is obviously a game not to be missed. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack not only has the classic free space gameplay, which is so familiar to almost all game players, but also introduced into a new context, new modern combat style and enemy spaceships. Enemies and bosses appearing are also completely new.

The spaceship – the spacecraft you control also has its own modern features. They are majestic, large and have a very majestic appearance, moving much more flexibly than in the original game.

The way enemy spaceships appear is no longer simply from the top down or from the corners of the screen. All kinds of ways play out in the game levels: from top to bottom, across the screen, surrounded by 4 directions, from a large spaceship separating dozens of small spaceships that suddenly focus on attacking… This is also a new feature of this spaceship shooting game.

The appearance of hostile bosses is impressive. Each monster has its own weapon and attack method. You will have to stubbornly block and attack until the end to overcome. Especially later on, they get stronger and live longer than ever. The shaping is also very stable, looks impressive, covers the entire screen, clearly showing the difference between the two sides to increase the drama of the story. game.

PVP shooting mode

Completely absent from the arcade classic, PVP is a new mode subtly introduced in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack.

In this mode, you can shoot online, cooperate with friends to gather forces, and create a powerful spaceship squad to protect the galaxy. Players who achieve many victories will gradually register their names on the global rankings.


Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is a simple yet passionate arcade game. Just by controlling your spaceship to frantically fire guns to sweep away alien enemies, witnessing the mesmerizing neon-colored bombardment waves, you will be completely relieved from all the stress in your life. life.

Discover now the game Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK for Android!

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