Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK v57.8 (Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked)

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter: is an intense arcade shooter game, pitting players against relentless alien hordes in epic space battles. Save the galaxy now!

App Name Galaxy Attack
Size 200M
Mod Features Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked
Latest Version 57.8
Update July 23, 2024 (3 hours ago)
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Mod info
  • Unlimited Money

To get a lot of Crystal, exchange the Crystals for Coins even when not enough or quantity 0!
Turn off the internet before entering the game

Introduction to Galaxy Attack

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod APK is a captivating mobile game developed by ONESOFT which impresses with its thrilling and action-packed gameplay. The Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is one of the best arcade shooter games that has taken millions of players across the world at ransom. This recreation invites you to become a pilot of a spacecraft and defend the galaxy from aliens without mercy; it’s like playing an old-school video game, but it includes modern features and twists. In this article, we will be exploring some of these unique factors that make Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter stand out in the mobile gaming sphere.

Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game

Game Overview

Genre & Style

The Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a mind-blowing fast-paced arcade shooting game that blends traditional shooter mechanics with up-to-the-minute features. Players are required to control flight operations for their space ships in order to protect our planets from any fury of these strange creatures. It seems like old arcade games due to retro graphics and non-stop actions yet it corresponds well with young people who enjoy cripsity and smoothness on their screens.

Gameplay Mechanics

The main goal in this game called Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is to stay alive throughout levels that have been made increasingly difficult through shooting down alien crafts while avoiding theirs attacks. By dragging their spaceship across the screen, players can navigate it intuitively and responsively. The game has simple mechanics enabling even beginners play while also provides depth for advanced players.

Gameplay Features

Levels & Missions

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, there are so many types of levels and missions which are meant for reflexes tests as well as thinking strategically. As you advance through various stages, different aliens appear; each group will attack differently than others do. And then, they gradually get more difficult leading towards continued engagement by every player involved therein. Special missions alongside boss battles offer more excitement variety aside from unique rewards and vary based on approach.

Spaceships & Upgrades

One of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter’s strengths is having a vast collection of war planes that someone can play with. For example, each space-vehicle has its own skills, defects, and strong points enabling the player to choose. There is also a good upgrade system where players can boost their ships in terms of firepower, defense or through different special abilities. These upgrades become very important in order to get through most difficult levels and fight with powerful bosses.

Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game Galaxy Attack: Shooting Game

Power-ups & Special Abilities

In-Game Power-ups

To aid players in saving the galaxy, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter features various power-ups available for them to collect during gameplay. For instance, these power ups give temporary boosts like increasing your firepower or shields or giving you another life as well. Applying these power-ups tactically can help turn the tide in wars enabling one overcome even the hardest alien waves.

Special Abilities

Similarly, all spaceships in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter have their own unique special attacks that are activated by touching a button while playing. Some of these include missiles that fire out lasers which destroy anything they touch – it could be one enemy ship or many at once; others might have an ability such as launching incredibly devastating missile rain when needed most by any player to perform better. Learning how to use such special moves is essential for achieving high scores and accomplishing toughest missions within it.

Multiplayer & Events

PvP Mode

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter comes complete with a very exciting Player vs. Player (PvP) mode where players could compete real-time against each other. In this game, the thrill of competition adds one more thing to the fans because they will fight for high scores on leaderboards and earn special prizes. For PvP battles, skill alone is not enough; strategic thinking is also required since it involves adapting to the ship layouts and strategies employed by others.

In-Game Events

Special events can be organized within the context of the game with unique challenges and rewards. These events are often accompanied by new contents such as limited-time missions, exclusive ships or power-ups. By participating in such events, players get additional rewards that keep them interested in the game.


To sum up, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is an absorbing arcade shooter that brings together classic space shooter game nostalgia with contemporary elements and gameplay traits. It contains numerous different levels, customizable spaceships and attractive multiplayer modes that are there to keep you entertained at all times. This game will be exciting irrespective if you like retro arcade games or are just starting out; download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter now so you can save our galaxy from alien invaders!

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