MateAI MOD APK v1.3.0 (Pro Unlocked)

App Name MateAI
Size 88M
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Latest Version 1.3.0
Update June 22, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduction MateAI

MateAI Mod APK is a great virtual assistant in the era of the AI explosion. Besides the essential chat feature, the application is ready to help users develop further through intelligent, engaging conversations. 

MateAI is equipped with Chatgpt and gpt-4, providing professional and objective answers from an extensive database. The app is handy if you need help writing an essay. 

In addition, MateAI integrates many innovative features with natural communication capabilities, which is an excellent suggestion for those looking for practical free help.

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Create sharper essays

If you have little time or need more summarizing skills, MateAI helps you build an accurate summary of a book, research, essay, or news in the shortest time in the shortest time. The app can even list the argument’s total points and summarize famous people’s theories or concepts.

Help users solve problems better.

MateAI can help users solve many complex tasks, thereby improving their performance. For example, suppose you need support for your work. In that case, the app can do many things, from writing a professional CV, providing business ideas, creating meeting summaries, and even SWOT analysis.

It helps you have a healthy diet & stay healthy, plan trips to save time & money, and even give advice on bad habits like procrastination!

Helps users think better

MateAI is especially useful in the digital age because it helps release the pressure of creative thinking and helps users think better. MateAI can write marketing strategies for new products, provide ideas for engaging social media posts (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook), and even rewrite the ending of a famous book!

Create intelligent conversations

MateAI Creates intelligent conversations through proactive analysis of chat history. Therefore, the application helps you save a lot of time when you need to create intelligent messages.

Usage is quite simple; the main window is like a regular messaging application; it is the place for interaction between you and AI. You just need to enter a question in your local language; the computer quickly provides intelligent answers in just a few seconds.

Complete difficult projects

MateAI uses large data warehouses and intelligent conversation capabilities to develop ideas that suit user needs. It will produce a quality project with information that is synthesized and rich in detail; users will immediately have a perfect project and do not need to worry about lacking creative ideas. Of course, the more intelligent you ask and the more information you provide about the project, the more accurate & quality the support will be.

Free and talented interpreters

Forget about language barriers, as MateAI provides seamless language translation so that Users can communicate easily with friends, family, or colleagues from all over. The app detects the source language and translates messages instantly using an extensive database.

In addition, MateAI can check and correct grammar and spelling errors for any essay and expand longer articles. Try the app to express complex language for any writing project, from emails and speeches to song lyrics and poetry!

Enjoy personalized chat

MateAI has a large data warehouse with extensive knowledge compiled from many fields such as mathematics, history, geography, literature, etc.; it proactively provides accurate answers. In addition, you can ask questions about many issues in life and be sure to be surprised by the answers!

MateAI proactively creates personalized communication styles by learning from conversation history. Indeed, users enjoy feedback that is both honest and close. Suggests that you change the chat interface to one with unique themes and styles, from vibrant colors to beautiful minimalism.


In short, MateAI helps users control their lives better and no longer worry about online communication issues with intelligent features such as chatting or suggesting ideas.

If you need a top virtual assistant, download MateAI right here!

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