CCleaner MOD APK v24.13.0 (Pro Unlocked)

CCleaner: Optimize your device for speed, security, and efficiency with one-tap solutions and versatile cross-platform support.

App Name CCleaner
Size 44M
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Latest Version 24.13.0
Update July 6, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Feel like you’ve got a honey of an Android?  You could be waiting for apps to open.  Does the storage space seem to vanish at the tip of a finger just as if it were magic?

Worry not dudes! Just use CCleaner and your phone is free from all clutters, potential unleashed. This is an app that is both powerful and user friendly which acts as performance toolbox for smartphones. It’s time to explore how your smart phone can turn into mean machine by using CCleaner!

What is CCleaner and What Does it Do?

In this mobile world, PC optimization has found its name in CCleaner, a leading desktop cleaner software that launched its Android version. With Mobile devices becoming our closest friends this app developer Piriform knew exactly what we needed in such a tool.

Digital broom up: This app also does some work like a housemaid would do by sweeping away unnecessary files that builds up over time. Consider your room cleaning; digital dust bunnies in terms of temporary files, app cache, browsing history etc may make your phone slow down.

CCleaner frees up valuable storage space among other things that can rejuvenate your phone back to life. However, this doesn’t exhaust what the application can perform. CCleaner provides system monitoring feature for example thus keeping you informed on the status of your device.

How Does CCleaner Work?

CCleaner works with simplicity itself. Smart scanning technology allows users to remove any hidden junk files with ease through its features built into the program called “a sleek scanning system.” Thus it wouldn’t be bad comparing it as being like treasure map leading us towards wealth of unwanted files. From here you’ll easily see different categories so as to decide what must disappear forever from your hard disk.

No more guessing games! Be shown where everything is aimed at including forgotten browsing history or temporary app data for instance. If you are a risk taker, this CCleaner cleaner can also be used to clean in one click making it ideal for quick performance boosts. For advanced users, scheduled cleanings may make sure that there is no clutter on their devices.

Benefits of Using CCleaner

Ever felt like your phone needs dragging through a swamp of sluggishness?  Let CCleaner become your personal mountaineer and lead you to the summit of optimum performance. Below is how this application can change everything for you:

  • Lightning Speed: You won’t have to face lags when opening apps or scrolling slowly anymore.  After it has cleared out all the dust bunnies digitally, your telephone will move smoothly and swiftly.  Those fractions of seconds matter more than you think; they could be responsible for winning or losing the target boss.
  • Storage Space Oasis:  Does your phone always remind you about low storage? Just as digital Marie Kondo does, CCleaner offers its services by giving some space back to its user. Imagine having enough space for all the essential apps that are required, games, photos and videos without constantly struggling with storage.
  • Battery Life Bonanza: A messy device will eat up all the power supply. It ensures better battery life by removing unnecessary files hence improving performance since many apps take up much time in background processing even though we are not using them. More game nights, movie times etc will therefore be possible without running towards a plug point.

Application features

Core Features

  • Junk File Cleaning: This refers to things like temporary files, app cache, browsing history and others which are not considered important at some point.
  • Storage Optimization: By deleting junk files from your device’s memory such as music tracks or photos taken during vacation periods; CCleaner makes room available again for new App installations as well as other activities carried out using Android phones including taking pictures/ shooting videos / recording sounds / watching movies / playing games online with friends etc.
  • Performance Improvement: Cleaner phones are usually noiseless and more alert, which means that they can perform faster while conserving energy by not needing as much battery power to operate.

Additional Features

  • Plan cleaning: Automate the cleaning process to maintain a tidy phone.
  • Monitor System: Learn about your cell phone’s health such as CPU usage, RAM usage, and storage availability.
  • Application Control- In certain versions, it is possible to uninstall or disable unused applications.
  • Secure browsing: A feature that warns users of malicious websites.
  • Identify Large Files: Find out which large files are taking up most of your storage space and deal with them accordingly.


Want to get back the glory of your smartphone? Download CCleaner now and enjoy the excitement of having a shiny device running at its best. Whether you are a professional gamer or busy entrepreneur, CCleaner can help you dominate mobiles!

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