KillApps MOD APK v1.47.0 (Premium Unlocked)

KillApps Pro – Quickly and effortlessly close all running apps to free up memory and boost your device’s performance.

App Name KillApps
Size 11M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 1.47.0
Update June 24, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduction KillApps

KillApps Mod APK helps you use your mobile phone better and prolongs the life of your device. Today, mobile devices can do many things, from listening to music, playing games, taking high-definition photos, and not just simply making calls. The number of applications is vast and updated daily, so the device is often overloaded with applications running in the background.

Device Management is not easy, so KillApps is an effective solution for those who want to control devices effectively. KillApps can do many things, from managing apps to optimizing performance and extending battery life, all with just a few taps.

KillApps – Close all apps KillApps – Close all apps

Manage dozens of applications with ease.

KillApps makes application management easy; you don’t need to spend much effort & time to master everything. In the central area, you see all the icons and options, like closing everything all at once or selectively. Forget about deleting apps manually, and don’t mess around with complicated settings!

Speed up device operation.

KillApps understands that performance is a significant concern for users. You certainly feel uncomfortable using devices that are overloaded or have significant delays. KillApps effectively frees up memory resources and speeds up the CPU, so your device always operates at optimal performance and runs as smoothly as possible! Use KillApps; you don’t need to worry about wasting resources while gaming or multitasking!

Device batteries operate more durably.

KillApps helps you save money by extending your device’s battery life. Remember that Background apps make your device run slower and silently drain a large amount of battery. KillApps proactively shuts down unnecessary processes and applications running in the background, so the battery is used most reasonably. Although the battery can be recharged, it saves you money on replacement costs and is suitable for long trips!

Select necessary applications

KillApps allows you to manage your apps accordingly, which helps keep your device in top shape. Users can choose between manual or automatic filtering; you can also schedule specific activities for the desired application group. In addition, intelligent application management also helps you save mobile data and a large amount of money.

If you don’t own a high-end mobile device with powerful hardware, you may encounter many difficulties when multitasking or using it for long periods. KillApps helps mid-range devices perform better by proactively monitoring device performance and automatically closing unnecessary background apps.

Easily manage with just one touch.

KillApps suits anyone without computer experience because the one-touch operation is effortless. You just click on the screen to optimize everything. This feature instantly closes all unnecessary background apps, freeing up resources and increasing device performance.

Other Strengths are the user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and intuitive design. In particular, KillApps works smoothly on all popular devices, so you don’t need to worry about complicated root issues.

KillApps – Close all apps KillApps – Close all apps

Provide real-time information

KillApps helps you maximize device management through real-time monitoring. Users receive time-based notifications about CPU usage, memory consumption, and battery status. With detailed dashboards, users are more proactive in managing their devices and ensuring everything runs at its best.

KillApps gives users comprehensive device control through various options such as preferences and needs. From here, you can feel secure using the device in the desired direction, such as optimizing performance, extending battery life, or increasing maximum control.

No need to worry about data risks

Although KillApps intervenes deeply in the system, it takes security very seriously. The publisher is committed to ensuring the safety of personal information with security protocols and providing the best possible experience through regular updates. Users are satisfied because of the latest version with advanced features!


In short, KillApps is a powerful support tool for anyone who wants to control their devices effectively. Users are pleased that it manages the device better, maximizes battery life, and reduces data usage. 

Get ready to say goodbye to slow performance and short battery life with KillApps!

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