Hibernator MOD APK v2.47.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Hibernator: Optimize performance, extend battery life. Auto-hibernate, smart schedules, and more. Take control effortlessly!

App Name Hibernator
Size 11M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 2.47.0
Update June 24, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduction Hibernator

Hibernator Mod APK is a trendy Android application specially developed to help users enhance the speed and productivity of the device together while preserving battery energy by hibernating all the apps, that operate in the background. Overall, Hibernator makes the usage of your device simpler and more useful due to the number of options that are provided to users.

Hibernator: Force Stop Apps Hibernator: Force Stop Apps

Automatic Hibernation

With this, our first advantage of using the application known as Hibernator is that it has a built-in capacity to analyze when an application is consuming too many of the system resources in the background and then hibernate it for us. The app works with smart notifications to find all the sleeping applications and shut them effectively lessening the CPU usage and improving battery longevity. All this process is done Self-automatically so that the device of the user will be fine and the use of it will be very easy.

Smart Hibernation Schedules

In particular, you can define more comprehensive smart hibernation schedules using Hibernator. This implies that you have the usual time to schedule the application to shut down particular apps at a specific time. This is especially useful when you do not need every app to be open, maybe when you are in working-class or even during the night. They assist in ensuring that your device carries out its tasks efficiently without having to constantly check for it.

Memory Booster

Aside from putting background apps to sleep, and thus hibernating them, Hibernator has the memory booster option. A quick use of this tool can help you release some RAM on the spot and enhance the performance of your device. As the program does not contain unnecessary processes, multitasking becomes more effective, and the interactions within the OS become faster.

System Info

In the Hibernator, there is one more section called the System Info and it shows the real-time data on the CPU usage rate, the memory used by the device, and the battery level. It assists in evaluating the functionality of the device and makes informed decisions about hibernating conditions and other performance improvements.

Energy Efficiency Analysis

There is an option in Hibernator labeled ‘energy savings analysis’ that when turned on yields detailed reports on how Hibernation invests in utilizing the applications. It assists you in making rational decisions about using the applications on your device and brings a positive impact to your daily life on device usage.

Floating Widget

To prevent distractions when using Hibernator, the application has a floating widget that enables one to access its functions at any given time. They are small moving widgets placed on the home screen, from which you can hibernate/offline the dragged apps, free up more memory, or perform other operations related to the optimization of this device.

Hibernator: Force Stop Apps Hibernator: Force Stop Apps

Battery Monitoring

applications running on Hibernator introduce a battery monitor tool that informs the user about which application consumes the most energy. Exactly this allows you to find out which application costs too much power to sustain the processes and take appropriate action such as putting it to hibernate mode or lowering its consumption level to cover all processes with the help of a battery.

In-Depth App Analysis

For people who would like to know which apps consume or impact their device most, there is a feature provided by Hibernator that helps to analyze every application. This feature runs a detailed analysis on each of the apps’ use of the resources hosting the devices aiding practitioners in deciding which of the apps to put to rest or even perhaps, look for ways to optimize it.


Hibernator Mod APK is an application that is designed with the ultimate purpose of changing the Android devices used by people the efficiency of their work, and the battery duration of the device they use. Apart from turning off unnecessary background applications automatically, it has features like auto hibernate, smart schedule, memory boost, and many others. For anybody wishing to import, enhance, or even modify read widgets and application options on an Android-powered device or willing to save energy, this is a good application. Hibernator is nicely packed and easily navigated with a small plus to provide users with an opportunity to manage the devices and their battery like champions.

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