Battery Charging Animation MOD APK v1.2.6 (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Battery Charging Animation
Size 20M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 1.2.6
Update May 26, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Introduction Battery Charging Animation

Battery Charging Animation makes the idle screen more vivid and exciting. Any electronic device needs to charge the battery after long periods of use, and this action is necessary but highly tedious.

Battery Charging Animation is a tool for those who want an enjoyable experience while charging their phone. The application aims to turn boring battery charging into an exciting and humorous scene. 

Read the article below carefully to understand more about the App and discover a series of creative animations!

Battery Charging Animation

Choose between dozens of vivid animations.

Battery Charging Animation has a diverse collection of lively animations, so you don’t get bored during the charging process. Users can choose from a variety of attractive and cute images, all of which are active while the device is charging. You have various animation options, from dynamic geometric patterns to mesmerizing abstract animations.

In addition, the application also allows users to customize the animation style according to their preferences, such as special effects. Of course, you must take the time to explore all animation styles (subtle, minimalist, vibrant, and lavish).

Make your choice seriously to ensure charging is a visually stimulating experience for everyone!

Battery Charging Animation

Fully monitor the charging process.

Battery Charging Animation provides users with complete information about the charging process; all reports are in real-time. Users track the device’s charging progress with precise numbers; from here, they always know the time needed or the current battery percentage.

In particular, Battery Charging Animation also helps users protect battery life with an advanced monitor. It provides an impressive visual experience, and the application allows users to monitor and evaluate the device’s battery status. 

Indeed, with clear reports on charging cycles and overall condition, users know how to use the device appropriately!

Battery Charging Animation

Get complete notifications about battery status.

Battery Charging Animation provides a full range of notifications related to battery charging, from standard warnings to emergency notifications. Users can adjust notifications based on usage needs; this helps you take control most comfortably.

In addition, the application also proactively warns with animation when the battery is low or reaches a low level according to settings. Thanks to unique animations that serve as an impressive visual reminder, users never run out of battery or even shut down the device.

Animations are lively and low-capacity

Battery Charging Animation focuses on battery efficiency, so animations are optimized and consume minimal power. Users can enjoy the visual spectacle without affecting their device’s battery life.

Additionally, the App has an auto-start feature, so the charging animation appears as soon as the device charges. Suggest that you use the available animations for the background to create a complete and aesthetically pleasing whole.

Night mode for good sleep

Battery Charging Animation understands that night sleep is essential and provides a sleep mode. If you enable this feature, the animation becomes more subtle to ensure a good night’s sleep. Sleep mode is an essential feature for those who prefer a soothing atmosphere at night.

Battery Charging Animation Battery Charging Animation

Compatible with many popular languages

Battery Charging Animation is suitable for people globally because of the number of integrated languages. Usage and Navigation are also accessible, thanks to the intuitive interface and clear icons. The application emphasizes simplicity, ensuring that every user can easily create exciting animations to their liking.

Limit errors due to regular updates

Battery Charging Animation is always bug-free and highly optimized because the developer provides new updates regularly. Updates are helpful as they offer new features and performance improvements, which keep the charging experience fresh and enjoyable.

You can contact the development team directly through the feedback and support system. Don’t worry; report problems or suggest improvements to improve the application daily!


In short, Battery Charging Animation not only helps you have a more enjoyable charging experience but also introduces fun entertainment. The App has rich features such as vivid animations with high customization, a realistic battery health monitor, notification customization, and night mode.

Download Battery Charging Animation here now to make your device more vivid even when charging for many hours!

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