Adorable Home MOD APK v2.7.1 (Unlimited Currency/Hearts)

App Name Adorable Home
Size 147M
Mod Features Unlimited Currency/Hearts
Latest Version 2.7.1
Update June 29, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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MOD Info

Unlimited Currency/Hearts (Increase when you spent)

Game Overview

Welcome to Adorable Home, a game where you can create and treasure your own modest and comfortable home. Developed by HyperBeard, this simulator addresses the happiness synonymous with family life making it ideal for those who are fans of interior decoration as well as virtual pets. The game is designed to make one drift away from reality and allow people to exercise their imagination in order to establish a perfect house.

The cute art style of the game and its peaceful background music provide an inviting as well as calming atmosphere. The visuals are simple but delightful because they emphasize on pastel colors and adorable minimalist designs. This makes it a lovely match for a love-based home game.

Game features

Design Your Home

  • Adorn your residence with many different pieces of furniture and adornments.
  • Customize different rooms such as the lounge, bedroom and garden.

Collect Love Points

  • Completing daily tasks, taking care of partners, and pets result in love points.
  • You get to buy new furniture, decorations and other things using the acquired Love Points.

Pet Care

  • You can relate with various pets such as dogs and cats.
  • Feed, pet or groom them to keep your pets happy and earn love points along the way.

Prepare Meals

  • For your in-game partner, cook meals for them.
  • There are various recipes available for tasty meals using a wide range of ingredients you can select from.

Seasonal Events and Updates

  • Participating in seasonal limited time events allows you to win exclusive items only found during these periods
  • Experience regular updates that introduce new content like themes and features every now and then

Garden Customization

  • Decorate your garden space which can include plants, outdoor furnishing among others
  • Create an outdoor serene ambiance that is beautiful too

Relaxing Gameplay

  • It’s got no time limits nor pressures associated with competition thus makes one relax as they play it
  • This game is best suited for casual gamers or anyone looking for a laid-back game.

Adorable Art Style

  • Get amazed by its appealing minimalistic art style;
  • Find enjoyment in the attractive cute visuals of this game.


Earning Love Points

Step into Adorable Home and you will find that love points become the principal denomination. These can be collected by looking after your virtual partner, feeding your cute pets and preparing delicious dishes. You can use these points to buy new furniture, decoratives, other pets even so as to keep improving your house.

Interactive Pets

The interaction with pets is one of the most captivating elements in this game. Every pet including cats and dogs has its own character and peculiarities. Players are able to pamper their pets by bathing them, stroking them or making sure that they are well fed. Not only do such activities earn you love point but also strengthen the bond between you and your virtual friends.

Home Customization

In Adorable Home customization features abound. Gamers have a variety of options for selecting from furniture pieces of all types, decorations amongst others in order to make each room unique to their taste. There are enough ways you can use this game whether you like modern beauty or more traditional styles; arranging it differently again and again makes it an undying activity.

Game Modes

Single-Player Mode

Adorable Home is mostly a single player game where you can play all along at your own pace. This one, however, emphasizes on the personal journey that entails building an affectionate home. There are no time limits or pressure thus; it can be recommended for relax playing casual mobile games.

Event Mode

For this reason, Adorable Home has included occasional events and seasonal updates to keep its gameplay dynamic. As such, these events introduce new pets, items as well as themes periodically encouraging players to log in and partake in limited-time challenges. Importantly, Event Mode adds excitement and diversity making the game interesting all through.

Why should you play Adorable Home?

An Exclusive Experience

Adorable Home stands out as a game in the simulation genre, offering an exclusive blend of pet care, home design and relationship management. Its gentle pace and endearing content make it a great choice for players who want to experience something heartfelt or immerse themselves in it.

Suitable for Everyone

Adorable Home has simple mechanics and attractive visuals that make it suitable for all ages. No matter if you are young or old and looking for stress-free gaming experience, Adorable Home is a game that will be attractive to everyone.

Continuous Updates

To ensure Adorable Home remains fresh, the developers at HyperBeard have decided to update it regularly with new content including pets and events among other things. This way, there is always something new that can be discovered by the gamer. Therefore, this support makes it one of those games that remain on your mobile forever.


Adorable Home is so much more than just a video game, it’s a delightful journey through the pleasures of creating and keeping up with a loving household. These factors distinguish its unique gameplay from other games in addition to its beautiful graphics and frequent updates making it perfect for anyone interested in relaxing or heartwarming gist of such kind. Start building your ideal virtual life today!

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