AdGuard VPN MOD APK v2.8.227 (Premium Unlocked)

AdGuard VPN Mod Apk: Your ultimate online privacy shield. Mask your IP, block ads, and stay secure with this powerful VPN and private proxy combo. Experience freedom today.

App Name AdGuard VPN
Size 32M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 2.8.227
Update June 11, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduction AdGuard VPN

AdGuard VPN helps users have more safe options when participating in online surfing. As technology & the Internet continue to develop, privacy and security become more important.

Because we are constantly exposed to online threats, we need robust data protection, as well as unrestricted Internet access. AdGuard VPN is an excellent suggestion for those who want a safe & stable online experience.

See the article below to understand more about the main benefits of AdGuard VPN!

AdGuard VPN — private proxy AdGuard VPN — private proxy

High-end security capabilities

AdGuard VPN easily secures users online through the highest encryption standards. The app uses advanced AES-256 encryption that creates a protective shield for users’ online activities.

AES-256 encryption is a specialized type of military encryption, so it is solid; it ensures that sensitive information is kept confidential in any online action, from transaction communications to online browsing. With AdGuard VPN’s high encryption capabilities, users can browse the Internet with peace of mind because their data is safe from dangers such as hackers and cybercriminals.

Access all information from anywhere

AdGuard VPN helps you stop worrying about geo-restrictions while browsing online. The application has an extensive server network; they are located in strategic locations around the globe, such as the US or Korea. If you connect to one of these VPN servers, the IP address is changed, and you easily bypass geo-restrictions.

Prioritize quality VPNs to access your favorite content by region and get unlimited transfer speeds!

High transmission speed

If you use poor VPN services, your connection speed will definitely decrease. However, AdGuard VPN is a quality solution because of its large number of quality VPN ports and optimized algorithms that help achieve the highest download speed possible.

Thanks to the variety of VPN servers, users can choose the optimal location for their specific needs, from maximum security to high-speed streaming or access to particular areas. By optimizing the server and using advanced protocols, the application ensures your Internet speed is always high & stable, which is essential for those who play games and watch videos online!

Attract users with a friendly interface.

AdGuard VPN attracts many users because of its beautiful and intuitive interface. Therefore, even those with little knowledge of VPNs can navigate with ease, connecting to the server with a simple click. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive approach make AdGuard VPN the ideal choice for both beginners and techies.

AdGuard VPN also excels with cross-platform compatibility, such as Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices. The application even integrates nicely with available browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

AdGuard VPN — private proxy AdGuard VPN — private proxy AdGuard VPN — private proxy

Automatically disconnects to protect data.

The automatic disconnection feature is another highlight of AdGuard VPN. As soon as the application notices that the internet connection is unstable, the application proactively cuts off the internet connection. This is essential because it prevents IP addresses or data from being exposed and always ensures that the protection works!

Limit annoying ads

Ad blocking is actually a standout feature of AdGuard VPN. With its powerful ad blocker, the app helps prevent annoying ads and intrusive trackers.

In addition, AdGuard VPN also creates trust with 24/24 customer support service. From here, users quickly receive answers to any questions or problems from the dedicated Support Team.


In short, AdGuard VPN is truly an excellent option for those who need absolute security when surfing the web. The app offers advanced encryption, unrestricted access, maximum speed commitment, and a user-friendly interface. The app also has other unique features like automatic disconnection and ad-blocking capabilities, so AdGuard VPN is truly a comprehensive online security suite.

Download AdGuard VPN here now to explore the Internet more securely and access any of your favorite content globally!

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