1Tap Cleaner Pro MOD APK v4.57 (Patched, Optimized, Lite)

1Tap Cleaner Pro (Clear Cache): is the ultimate Android tool for efficient cache cleaning and device optimization.

App Name 1Tap Cleaner Pro
Size 7M
Mod Features Patched, Optimized, Lite
Latest Version 4.57
Update July 22, 2024 (2 days ago)
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Introduction 1Tap Cleaner Pro

1Tap Cleaner Pro can be perfect for users looking for a way to handle cache on the device. The modern smartphone comes equipped with a host of applications that, when in use, store cache data that while beneficial, can accumulate positively skew percentage of storage usage and may negatively affect overall speed. 1Cleaning is accessible through a single tap in Tap Cleaner Pro, which provides users with a complete suite for managing their device storage and performance issues.

1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache) 1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache)

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Another admirable aspect of this app is its, even though simple, ingenious design. At the start of the app, one is faced with a smooth interface making it to use the application and its capabilities. The main screen where categories are listed, includes Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner, and Call/Text Cleaner. Each type symbolizes a different type of data that can be erased within just one tab, to provide comfort and convenience for all sorts of clients.

Cache Cleaner

The Cache Cleaner feature is the main function of the app and it provides a powerful cache cleaning process on Android devices. When apps are executed, they fetch basic information to help them perform better in the future. As the computers process data, they save this cache data for use in the future and this data can at times be irrelevant and can occupy a large space on storage devices. 1Tap Cleaner Pro uses the cached data of this application and other related applications stored in the phone and allows the user to delete it with a single tap freeing the phone’s memory space. App cache control is also possible by either selecting the specific application to clear its cache or clearing the cache of all the applications at once.

History Cleaner

In addition to cache cleaning, the application features History Cleaner – the effective part of 1Tap Cleaner Pro. With this function, it would be possible to delete the browser history, call log, and text messages all in a single swipe. In the contemporary twenty-first century society the idea of people being able to retain control over their personal information is of paramount importance. It makes your browsing history and messages that you send and receive to a certain extent private as you can clean the records using 1Tap Cleaner Pro regularly.

App Manager

Apart from cleaning functions, 1Tap Cleaner Pro has an App Manager, the functionality of which is described below. This feature boasts of availing the list of all apps installed on your device with additional information about storage used by each of the apps. This way, one can easily see which apps occupy the most space and decide whether it is worthwhile to remove them or transfer them to a separate SD card, which will save space and make the device perform faster.

1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache) 1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache) 1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache)

1Tap Cleaner Pro Version

The implementation of these controls also unlocks more advanced features, including functionality for editing and navigation to filters activated by a double click.

It is worth adding that 1Tap Cleaner Pro comes with many options in the simple free version, but in its Pro version, it is much more powerful. There’s a paid upgrade to the Pro version that adds functionalities such as the privilege to, for instance, purge the cache of several apps at once and the auto-cleaning of cache for particular apps at predetermined times. This upgrade allows the device to be more user-friendly and even simpler to handle when it comes to maintenance.

Frequent Updates and Customer Support

1Tap Cleaner Pro has been recommended by its developers and is continually updated to support the recent versions of Android and the devices. The developers of the app also provide active customer support, and thus tend to the needs of the users, providing appropriate answers and solutions to problems met regularly. This dedication to constant enhancement and clients’ benefit helps to make 1Tap Cleaner Pro one of the most worthy aids for Android users who wish to freshen up their device’s cache swiftly and efficiently.


Thus, in a rapidly growing global digital environment where many applications and services can bring much unnecessary and intrusive content during their operation in a short amount of time, 1Tap Cleaner Pro (Clear Cache) can be a lifesaver for Android device users. Due to the simple and clear interface, an abundance of cleaning functions, as well as bonus options, it can be considered a multi-functional tool for increasing the operational productivity of the device, as well as ensuring the confidentiality of the user’s actions. Due to efficient functioning and usability, along with constant updates of new features, 1Tap Cleaner Pro is still one of the most popular and efficient apps for cleaning out storage space and increasing the speed of Android devices.

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