World of Artillery MOD APK v1.8.2 (No Reload, Freeze Gold, Unlock Cannon)

App Name World of Artillery
Size 340M
Mod Features No Reload, Freeze Gold, Unlock Cannon
Latest Version 1.8.2
Update June 16, 2024 (1 month ago)
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  • No Reload
  • Frozen Gold
  • Unlocked All Cannon


When it comes to games based on the Second World War, World of Artillery: Cannon War is a standout recommendation. With this game, players will not only be involved in artillery warfare but also their lives will be merged in the artillery context of war even as they enjoy engaging gameplay with historical insight.

If you have ever imagined yourself as a commander of a monstrous cannon and making strategic decisions that can change history, then this is the game for you. This article explores various aspects of World of Artillery: Cannon War for instance its intricate gameplay mechanics right through to its impressive arsenal of weapons so that you can become an artillery ace.

Game Overview

About the Game

World Of Artillery: Cannon Wars is an excellent mobile phone game that engrosses players into an explosive and strategic world which highlights artillery warfare during the second world war periods. The game was developed by experienced developers who are both gamers and military enthusiasts and has been hailed for merging history with fun. It’s available on iOS and Android devices meaning it lets you indulge in some serious WWII battles from your smartphone or tablet.

Features of World of Artillery: Cannon War

Addictive War Gameplay: Exciting war gaming experience with FPS elements.

Multiple Game Modes:

  • Online Mode: Battle against other players in real-time.
  • Offline Mode: Play when internet isn’t connected.

Varied Battlefields:

  • Battles zones located on territory occupied by Allied Forces countries
  • Diverse terrains inspired by history.

Mission Variety:

  • Different shooting game missions.
  • Including defending positions to eliminate enemy units.

Awesome Arsenal:

  • Several different types of guns.
  • Opportunity to upgrade or personalize weaponry

Realistic 3D Graphics:

  • Impressive graphics for total immersiveness
  • Detailed maps and accurate models of weapons.

Strategic Gameplay:

  • Requires planning tactics, positioning units strategically,
  • Factors such as wind direction influencing accuracy, etc

Sound Design:

  • Realistic sounds and dramatic soundtrack
  • Makes you feel the game

Player Progression:

  • Unlock new features and earn rewards as you play.
  • Competitive leaderboards and achievements.

Gameplay Mechanics

Core Gameplay Loop

At its heart, World of Artillery: Cannon War is a rich and engaging experience. A player takes charge over artillery positions in different missions that simulate the real WW2 battles. Moreover, the game also involves aiming, shooting, managing ammunition along with taking into consideration such details as wind speed or enemy’s movement.

Mission Types and Objectives

There are numerous types of missions available throughout the course of this game. From defensive positions to offensive assaults there is something for everyone in this title. The developers have ensured that each mission is unique by giving it specific goals like destroying tanks, fortifications, or infantry units among other targets. This variety keeps things fresh and challenging, so players will be on their toes all the time.

User Interface and Controls

The intuitive user interface allows easy control on handheld devices. Just tap to aim cannons then shoot when ready making it accessible to both amateurs as well as professional gamers. The HUD (Heads-Up Display) provides a wealth of information including ammunition count, wind direction etc., required during gameplay thereby ensuring success rates increase tremendously.

Game Modes

Single-Player Campaigns

The single-player campaign that is part of World of Artillery: Cannon War is very well-made and immerses players in various historical battles from WWII. Each mission will challenge you regarding your overall strategy as well as your artilleries capabilities over several hours of engaging gameplay. The campaign does not only test aim but critical thinking too as one must take account different terrains that they are traversing through enemy territory.

Multiplayer Modes

Apart from this game mode offering a head-to-head duel or team-based match options, other multiplayer modes exist in this game. Players can join forces with friends or combat other people worldwide making the game alluring again a second time round if not forevermore.

Special Events & Challenges

In addition to the main campaign and multiplayer modes, World of Artillery: Cannon War offers special events and challenges. These events are time-limited, which means that for each event you will have a unique mission to complete or an opportunity to get some valuable rewards by simply logging into the game more often. By providing exclusive upgrades and items along with fun departures from regular gameplay, these missions are worth it.

Strategy and Tips

Effective Strategies

To succeed in World of Artillery: Cannon War players must apply appropriate strategies. The position of your artillery is very important; being on higher ground or near a cover may give you significant advantages. Equally imperative is to clear out the highest threat enemies first so that your forces remain safe.

Positioning and Timing

A mastery of positioning and timing is essential in playing this game. Deciding where to place your artillery carefully and when to fire can be the difference between winning and losing a battle. Think about what kind of environment you’re in as well as any obstacles around; take advantage of them so that your weapon is not left exposed while maximizing its performance.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid common mistakes such as failing to reload your artillery or not adjusting for wind variations. Make sure you are always aware of how much ammo you have remaining before wave two starts again. Additionally, remember that weapons need upgrading while tactics should be adjusted at different stages of the game.


This game is really thrilling and immersive as it combines historical accuracy with vibrant gameplay. This game is for anyone, be it a history buff or a casual gamer that will transform you into the World War II battlegrounds. The details in graphics, natural soundtracks of progress, and tactics employed during the battles make this app an outstanding one among all mobile games.

The developers have made sure that there is something for everyone by including different modes like single-player campaign mode which is tough to beat and other competitive multi-player modes. They let you choose your artillery’s outfitting so that each player can devise some personal strategy approaches making them perform better.

As an outcome, World of Artillery: Cannon War does not just entertain but also informs its players about what it feels like to take part in artillery war. Join their ranks and lead your cannons to victory! It’s time to install World of Artillery: Cannon War on your device and get ready to dive right into the heat and fury of historical battles.

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