Westland Survival MOD APK v7.7.0 (Mega Menu, God, Free craft, VIP)

Westland Survival: Survive the wild west! Craft, hunt, and build in this action-packed multiplayer adventure. Build your western town and conquer the frontier.

App Name Westland Survival
Size 513M
Mod Features Mega Menu, God, Free craft, VIP
Latest Version 7.7.0
Update July 6, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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MOD Info
  • MOD Menu
  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode
  • Free Craft
  • Free Splits
  • Max Durability
  • Fast Travel
  • Game Speed


Well, friends! Buckle up for a ride through Westland Survival Mod APK, which takes you straight to the heart of the Wild West on mobile.  This thrilling game allows you to shape your own destiny as a cowboy, creating a farm, domesticating wild animals and overcoming lawlessness in frontiers. If you are obsessed with survival games, love Wild West themes and have been dying to play the role of a cowboy then this might be your next best thing as far as mobile gaming is concerned.

Come on and take a peek at all that awaits wannabe cowboys and ranch owners in this dusty quest called Westland Survival.

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Wrangling the Wild West: Gameplay in Westland Survival

Living off the Land

Like any experienced pioneer in these wildernesses called plains,the first thing to do is plan how you will survive. You will need to gather all essential resources such as wood, stone and food necessary for your sustenance. In this world of beautifully rendered graphics, Westland Survival abound with endless natural resources just waiting for players to harvest them. However partner don’t think it’s going to be easy because it is not like taking sandwiches during Sunday afternoon. In addition to facing hazards from weather conditions or other threats specific tools and weapons are needed for survival.

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Building Your Wild West Empire

It would be an insult if there wasn’t any proper ranch when talking about cowboys. Start from scratch and create your own homestead using Westland Survival. At least make sure that you construct rudimentary structures such as strong shelters against elements and cunning creatures alike. As you progress though, this can change significantly.Stables where horses could rest after carrying their masters safely home, workshops where more advanced weaponry could be made alongside others can be erected turning a low beginning into a flourishing ranching venture in the old west.

Taming the west

The American frontier was filled with both good folks and bad guys. In fact, this feature is unique hence you can actually tame wild animals in Westland Survival thus converting them from threats to resources. Picture yourself riding through the plains of this western wasteland with a faithful wolf at your side. These tamed beasts not only give an authentic backwoods feel to players, but also offer some important benefits such as more transport options or additional material.

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Gunslingin’ and Grit: Combat in Westland Survival

Your stay in the Wild West will not be limited to watching sunsets and looking after cattle. Outlaws, bandits and even wildlife are perpetual threats. The combat system of Westland Survival is quite interesting because it lets you test your skills during various shootouts. It’s all about taking good aim and acquiring a reliable set of weapons if you want to stand a chance against all odds found on the prairie. In the game, one can improve their armory over time which would make them change from being novice fighters into experienced gunslingers.

Partner Up, Cowboy: Social Features in Westland Survival

The Wild West was not famous for the friendliest of social activities; nevertheless, this isn’t the case with Westland Survival which is a kind of game that you don’t have to play alone.  This implies that it comes with primary features that allow you to team up with other players on conquering the frontier.  It also allows cowboys to form alliances, adding a whole set of strategic depth.  Think about coming together as a group and working together as you overcome tough missions, share resources while being at the top of the leader boards.  Furthermore, time to time there are special events and contests in Westland Survival which fostered friendly competition and community among its members.

So, maybe you yearn for a posse you can trust or possibly some thrilling challenges are just what you are looking for; all these are catered for by Westland Survival.

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Exploring Some Additional Features Beyond The Frontier In Westland Survival

In addition to setting up ranches, surviving and fighting off enemies, Westland Survival has got much more than simple building mechanics.

  • Anticipate challenge: Look out for unusual events and unique challenges that will keep your skills sharp and your gameplay interesting. Sometimes they come along with unique prizes making one’s desire stronger to win over wild west again.
  • Beating the leaderboards: Compete against others by trying to collect wranglers’points on the leaderboard while demonstrating your actions in shooting games in this west frontier region? Struggle so hard from just being an ordinary cowboy attempting to become number one star of this wild western world whom can be proud of himself before everyone else.
  • Here is how he looks like: His personal appearance is something that can be done through modification when playing Westland Survival; hence revealing one’s individuality in Western style.

Those sample additional features make Westland survival stand out among many such games available today. The list goes on as new contents and occasion get added by the developers in order to make the wild west always feel fresh and exciting for gamers.

Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Why You Should Play Westland Survival: Saddle Up for Adventure

Westland Survival is a unique mix of survival challenges, ranch building, adrenaline pumping Wild West shootouts as well as online social features.  For anyone looking for a mobile game that gives them an opportunity to be cowboys; discover a beautifully created open world and overcome frontier dangers depending on their skill level. Consequently, for anyone hoping to construct flourishing farmsteads, subdue untamed creatures or have other players beside them while it should be mentioned that Westland Survival has something to offer every budding shooter. Therefore, saddle up partner because your Wild West adventure starts today!


In this sense, Westland Survival combines elements of the western genre with survival gameplay mechanics and social features typically found in casual titles like Farmville or Sim City.  This leads us into a game where you will have to face off with tough enemies, create your own dream ranches and find partners among other cowboys.  Download Westland Survival now and launch yourself into a journey through the Wild West!

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