We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy (MOD, Free Purchases) APK v6.1.0

Uncover secrets, manipulate events, and ascend the ranks in We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy. Dive into a world of intrigue and power in this immersive mobile game.

App Name We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy
Size 97M
Mod Features Free Purchases
Latest Version 6.1.0
Update June 21, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Game Overview

Get ready for We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy, an outstanding game that will take you to another world. Developed by Tapps Games, this mobile simulation title allows you to uncover and manipulate the strings of global power. The game promises endless hours of strategic fun and mischief with a satirical twist on conspiracy theories. It is time for you to become a puppet master inside yourself and conquer the world.

Game features

  • Basic Tap Mechanics: Just tap it.
  • Satire Defined: Comedy about conspiracy theories.
  • Control Worldly Affairs: Global influence spreading.
  • Followers Recruiting: Collect people who will join your group.
  • Organization Boosts: Make them better in various ways.
  • Achievements and Bonuses: Unlocked bonuses and achievements here are given as rewards to players during the play.
  • Variety of Game Modes: Classic, Event, Sandbox modes included.


Delve into Deception

Strategy and cunning are what drive We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy. Spread your influence to become ruler of the world; that is all there is to it! Start small by recruiting followers then grow bigger through bribing politicians or even faking alien abductions. The game mechanics are easy to understand but highly addictive meaning anyone can easily jump into it and start their journey toward conquering the entire globe!

Power-Ups & Upgrades

This game provides numerous power-ups and upgrades that come in handy while playing. You can develop different branches of your organization so as to boost its capabilities. Every upgrade moves you closer towards achieving what you have always dreamt about whether it’s increasing the budget for bribery or better fake news dissemination. To be more strategic, carefully allocate resources for maximum efficiency.

Achievements & Rewards

Players cannot stop playing this game due to its various remarkable achievements as well as rewards. Special prizes are obtained by reaching certain milestones like bribing key politicians or recruiting a specific number of followers. Such achievements give you a sense of satisfaction as well as provide valuable in-game advantages that enable you to progress faster.

Game Modes

Classic style

You will experience the most authentic version of the game when playing in Classic Mode. Start with minor conspiracies and end up controlling world events from scratch. This mode is for those who prefer things to happen slowly and gradually, watching their power getting bigger over the time period.

Event mode

For gamers looking for a challenge, Event Mode offers limited-time events that test your strategic skills. These challenges come with unique scenarios and goals that demand immediate adaptation of tactics. Winning against fellow players allows you to climb up leaderboards where special rewards await winners.


Sandbox Mode differs because there are no tasks imposed on players; thus, it gives more freedom to experiment and try different ideas without any pressure. Alter various settings, attempt various strategies and see how quickly you can conquer the world in this way! It is aimed at people who love creativity as well as game mechanics exploration.


The game involves laughter, tactics and spoofs in We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy. It keeps the players entertained and having fun. For both casual gamers or strategy aficionados, there is something for everyone in this game. Dive into conspiracies, spread your influence and become the ultimate puppet master. Download ‘We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy’ today and begin your journey to global domination.

Join secret societies with hidden agendas as you experience the thrill of it all. With its captivating gameplay, multiple game modes, and satirical approach to conspiracy theories, We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy is a must-have mobile game that is unique as well as entertaining. Do not miss out on any fun; join now the ranks of illuminati!

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