Watermark - Watermark Photos MOD APK v1.0.64 (Pro Unlocked)

App Name Watermark – Watermark Photos
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Size 19M
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Latest Version 1.0.69
Update June 27, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Here we have a wonderful application – Watermark – Watermark Photos, that shields your photos and adds a professional touch with just one tap! As an expert in app reviewing I am very happy to introduce you to this amazing app through which watermarking your photos is a breeze.

For photographers as well as content creators, this app has an easy-to-use interface coupled with powerful features that make it indispensable. Ready? Let’s go and explore the magic of Watermark – Watermark Photos!

Overview of the Application

What is Watermark – Watermark Photos?

Watermark – Watermark Photos is camera software made by TTT TEAM that offers its users an opportunity of personalizing their images using custom watermarks. This tool can be used easily by anyone whether you are a professional photographer or just someone who likes posting their pictures on social media.

Key Features

Add watermarks

  • Your photos can easily be marked with texts and images.
  • This will stop unauthorized use of your work as well as enhance your brand.

Customizable Watermarks

  • Use various sizes, colors and fonts on texts.
  • Have your own distinct look for the watermarks just like you have for each picture.

Batch Processing

  • Attach water marks to all selected photographs at once to save time.
  • It also helps in preventing counterfeits by adding the same data in every photo.

Transparency Settings

  • Blend your photos with these transparently adjusted signatures effortlessly.
  • Make sure that the imprintings are visible, but not interfering with anything in particular presented in this article.

Pre-made Templates

  • You can use various pre-made watermark templates that quickly come into effect.
  • This kind of a solution suits well those who desire fastness and professionalism.

Positioning Options

  • Drag and drop functions allow placing of watermarks anywhere on the photograph
  • Wherever it may be needed, you may change such positions according to personal wishes.

Rotate and Resize

  • Your watermark can be reshaped or turned if necessary
  • Make them suit each format or angle used for shooting pictures differently during their publication stage.

Save and Share

  • Protected images are saved onto one’s device or shared directly with their audience via social media handles
  • Also, disseminate your secured pictures amongst people within a short period by applying this method.

Advantages of Using the App

Watermark – Watermark Photos app has many benefits that make it a must-have for photography enthusiasts and digital content creators.

Safeguards Your Efforts

  • Stops Unauthorized Usage: You protect your pictures from being used without your permission by placing watermarks on them to indicate ownership.
  • Adds Professionalism: When your photos have a watermark, they look more professionally done and give your work that polished branded appearance.

Enhances Branding

  • Can be changed to Suit Your Needs: You can use different fonts, colors, or sizes to create watermarks that suit your own style or business brand.
  • Brings about Continuous Image Identity: All you need is the application to put a consistent branding on all the photo images you share with your audience.


  • Bulk Processing: One of the remarkable features of this app is multi-watermarking which is very helpful in case you have large collections of photos in one folder.
  • Simple User Interface: The interface is user-friendly enough such that even those who are not IT experts can add their watermarks.

Application Use Importance

Importance of Watermark photos app for your digital images management and security cannot be underscored.

For Professional Photographers

  • Brand Establishment: repeatedly putting watermarks on your pictures gradually creates a brand that distinguishes the work from other people’s.
  • Client Proofing: Whenever you are sharing proof with clients, it is important to watermark them until the time they are delivered finally.

For Social Media Influencers

  • Content Protection: Ensure no one reposts your content without giving credit so that hard work is always recognized.
  • Boost Engagement: By increasing engagement and followership, using good watermarked photos will make more people follow you online.

For Hobbyists and Enthusiasts

  • Personal Satisfaction: The overall experience of this hobby improves if you are able to add personalized watermarks to your photographs.
  • Sharing with Pride: You would feel proud when sharing these watermarked images since they signify your own.


Watermark- Watermark Photos is a software that enhances the display of your photos and also helps you in protecting them. It is a game changer for photographers, influencers or anyone who respects their digital content; with its vast features, high quality output and user-friendly interface. Try out Watermark- Watermark Photos today and take your photo management to the next level professionally!

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