Walli MOD APK v2.12.80 (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Walli
Size 35M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 2.12.80
Update May 25, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduction Walli

Walli Mod APK is an application that will let you explore lovely artistic creations and quality wallpapers on your Android phone. FACE designs are available for smartphone, tablet or any desktop devices and Walli features hundreds and more pieces that continually updated by talented artists worldwide. Although the assortment is more than impressive and the interface is rather minimalistic and easy to navigate, Walli turns your screen into your favorite piece of art.

Walli – HD, 4K Wallpapers Walli – HD, 4K Wallpapers

An Artistic Treasure Trove

Walli is not merely an app for applying wallpaper; it is a platform to bring out artist in the people and give him/her due recognition. All of the wallpapers provided above are artistic works that were skillfully developed by artists. This way, the app gives artists a platform on which they can present their work in full which is perfect since, through this app, users can see who created the wallpapers that they’re using. It’s a win-win situation: artists get a chance to be compensated for the work they produce as well as have their work being promoted; on the other hand, users get a delightful view of their wallpapers.

Wallpaper for every personality

However, Walli knows that ‘the wallpaper you’ve chosen can set the tone for your day and say much about your personality. Even if you are a daredevil, a quiet person, or simply in a good mood, Walli has a wallpaper for every personality. With only a few clicks, you have the ability to search for wallpapers by category: landscape art, abstract art, animals and more. Moreover, Walli helps you to enter the color so that you choose the beautiful color that will enhance the appearance of the device.

High Definition And 4K Display

It is also the user-friendly interface of Walli wherein one of the key choices is the focus on High Definition and 4K wallpapers. And when a person chooses a wallpaper on Walli, he or she will be confident that this wallpaper will surely look perfect even on such a sophisticated monitor. Thus, the app’s adherence to quality guarantees your device’s screen display will be superbly colored with appropriate detailing, making the wallpaper an astounding sight to behold.

Personalize Your Device

Walli is an application and website that simplifies the notion of personalization and makes it enjoyable. There are no apps that can set wallpapers directly using this app with only a few requests. Thus, if it is your preference to change your wallpaper daily, weekly, monthly or any time you want, Walli gets the job done without a hitch. However, in the same application, you can select an auto changer wallpaper, so the artwork on your device screen updates frequently.

Walli – HD, 4K Wallpapers Walli – HD, 4K Wallpapers Walli – HD, 4K Wallpapers

Seamless Browsing and Curation

In its turn, the simplicity of the interface that Walli offers can help its users easily navigate and peruse through wallpapers offered. The design of the application goes hand in hand with the simplicity of the user interface thereby enabling users to search for wallpapers among thousands of them without any difficulty. The option is available to save your favorite backgrounds by clicking on the star icon, which in a way allows you to freely sort them and view them within your own personal preference. The application also brings new wallpapers according to your choices to be updated and donot get bored of seeing the same ones repeatedly.

Sharing and spreading

As most of our fans can attest, when it comes to posting ideas, nothing beats the capabilities offered by Walli. It often allows you to download wallpapers and can be easily shared with friends and family at the quickest time possible. Share the beauty in art by forwarding these wallpapers to your friends and other families. What is great is that it is a straightforward concept but indeed inspiring if someone decided to create it.


Walli – HD, 4K Wallpapers offers everything more than an application for wallpapers as the application is aimed to be source of art and inspiration. This app helps artists to express themselves and give the users rich choice of beautiful wallpapers to satisfy their needs. Ensuring the quality for customers on one side, the richness of the artists’ community on the other, the smooth user-experience, which allows turning the screen into the unique art piece, Walli is the platform to follow for the enthusiasts. Stuck on wallpapers? Try Walli – and taste the wide variety of captivating images and art.

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