SpotiQ Ten MOD APK vT.4.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

SpotiQ Ten: Elevate your music with a 10-band equalizer, Bass Booster, and 3D Surround Sound!

App Name SpotiQ Ten
Size 5M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version T.4.14.0
Update July 16, 2024 (1 week ago)
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SpotiQ Ten Mod APK is an excellent suggestion for those who want to enhance their musical emotions. You will have many exciting experiences thanks to its series of impressive features. The application is well-designed for Android and has reached hundreds of thousands of official downloads on Google Play.

Different from traditional audio applications. SpotiQ Ten has many advanced audio features, such as amplifying the quality and depth of your music. Whether you are a music professional or an everyday music listener, SpotiQ Ten delivers the most emotional audio experience!

SpotiQ Ten – Equalizer Booster SpotiQ Ten – Equalizer Booster

Discover the power of the 10-band Equalizer.

SpotiQ Ten has a powerful 10-band equalizer so that users will create impressive sounds according to their preferences. You use sliders to customize sounds, from bass to midrange to treble. Indeed, If you make a satisfactory sound configuration, it will enhance the music experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in an impressive musical space with every note and beat resonating and rich in depth.

Engaging with the Bass Booster

SpotiQ Ten will impress those who love powerful bass with its dedicated Bass Booster feature. Bass Booster is very advanced and automatically adjusts to deliver the entire sound. Therefore, you can enjoy the combination of powerful bass and captivating treble.

Multiple preset equalizer options

SpotiQ Ten is suitable for anyone, even casual music listeners because it offers preset equalizer configurations. Built by audio experts, the presets are ideal for various music genres (like classical, rock, hip-hop, or jazz) and environments (indoor or outdoor). Simplify sound changes by choosing from preset equalizer profiles, all with just one tap!

Using the equalizer well can increase sounds in many areas, from rock and jazz to ballads. Explore and tweak sound settings to create the most satisfying music experience!

Enjoy high-quality 3D surround sound

SpotiQ Ten impresses with its 3D Surround Sound feature. The advanced audio technology creates a full surround sound experience on the device. It’s great when you Feel the music rich in depth from all directions. Compared to traditional stereo systems, the app is a step up, ready for a multi-dimensional audio adventure.

Explore a variety of audio environments.

SpotiQ Ten is suitable for anyone and any need and has customizable audio environments. The app offers multiple options such as “Concert Hall,” “Studio,” or “Outdoor.” I suggest you adjust the sound to suit the mood or location, for example, a quiet room atmosphere or lively outdoor activities.

SpotiQ Ten – Equalizer Booster SpotiQ Ten – Equalizer Booster SpotiQ Ten – Equalizer Booster

Listen better with Volume Booster.

SpotiQ Ten possesses a Volume Enhancer; it maintains clear sound even at low volumes. Therefore, you can always hear the best sound, limiting noise no matter the volume level.

Works well with Spotify or popular music apps

SpotiQ Ten is compatible with popular music streaming applications, including Spotify. Try listening to Spotify music online with Equalizer, and then you will be amazed at the improved quality! Of course, you can still use the advanced Equalizer with various other quality music apps.

Adjust audio in real-time.

SpotiQ Ten displays sound in real-time; you use the equalizer sliders to choose the most suitable sound style. Remember that real-time audio is valuable because it enhances the listening experience and makes every song sound more fulfilling.

Less battery drain and suitable for extended music-listening sessions

SpotiQ Ten has optimal algorithms to help smartphones perform better and consume less battery. You can safely enjoy long music listening sessions without fear of the device consuming more battery or getting hotter.


In short, SpotiQ Ten Mod APK is an audio enhancement application that you should try out. It promises a rich music experience with many attractive features, such as a 10-band equalizer, Bass Boost, 3D Surround Sound, and preset profiles. Download the app here and start your perfect audio journey on your terms!

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