Romance Club MOD APK v1.0.29200 (Free Premium Choices, Ad-free)

Romance Club Mod APK: Embrace love’s limitless possibilities in this interactive game where your choices shape captivating romantic adventures.

App Name Romance Club
Size 58M
Mod Features Free Premium Choices, Ad-free
Latest Version 1.0.29200
Update May 16, 2024 (2 months ago)
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MOD Info


  • All premium choices are now free (incomprehensible symbols will appear after some elections)


  • Free premium choices (incomprehensible characters will appear after some choices)
  • You can get free crystals or coffee in the main menu after clicking on the bottom left button to exit the game (works about once a week, you need to wait a while before the first receipt)
  • You can get free diamonds in the main menu by clicking on the Settings button (located in the upper right corner).
  • Disabled display of ads (if a reward should be given after viewing it, it is immediately issued)
  • Unlocked the FX setting for all devices (operability on unsupported devices is not guaranteed).

You use the mod at your own risk!

Authorization via Facebook and Google Play Games does not work!

Introduce Romance Club MOD APK

In daily life, each of us has different stories and destinies. Under the pressure of a busy life, people need something to relieve daily stress. For some people, they have chosen to seek out the world of movies or immerse themselves in the romantic stories of novels. To meet this need, Your Story Interactive has developed the game Romance Club – a game application that simulates romantic stories in novels. The combination of elements of movies and novels gives players unique entertainment experiences, helping them relax and regain their spirit after stressful working hours.

When entering the world of Romance Club, you will meet a series of fascinating characters. Each character will reveal to you profound stories about their lives. All situations that can happen in everyday life can be recreated in the game, from friendships to love, betrayal, and even humorous moments. The game has a variety of characters with unique identities and roles, and the storytelling uses engaging language to help players better understand the plot and psychology of the characters. You can also create a unique style for your character and experience a series of special emotions. This shows that, in the virtual world of the game, you can experience things that you previously thought were only possible in reality.

Romance Club – Stories I Play Romance Club – Stories I Play

Utilities of Romance Club MOD APK

  • You will receive a free coffee or crystal when you click the bottom left button.
  • Get free diamonds when clicking the install button on the right.
  • Unlimited time for conversations, receive rewards for not watching ads.

The starting place of romantic love stories

When you enter the love-filled world of Romance Club, you will be very surprised with the game’s graphic design because the images and 3D characters in this game are extremely artistic and beautiful. Each character’s image has different personality traits. The creator has invested very carefully in each character’s appearance. The game also combines lively music that plays according to the rhythm of each story. Thanks to these factors, playing the game Romance Club is no different than transforming into a main character in a romantic novel love story. You will experience the game in the most authentic way. Not only that, the game also attracts you with its free-style gameplay. This means that you can choose your own plot and each story, fate, and rhythm of each character are different. The decisions you make are important and can change the outcome of the story.

Become a character you love

The game has a storyline consisting of many chapters, each chapter carries a different story. Players will have to take on the role and participate in the developments of each chapter to explore the story. Start from the first chapter and gradually explore the next chapters. Romance Club has a similar gameplay to many games in the popular novel simulation genre today. The story takes place according to a pre-programmed plot. Narrative dialogues are displayed on the screen to help you grasp the context as well as its content.

NPC characters and players will interact with each other using short dialog boxes. That is the situation the game poses for you, your job is to make a choice. To complete all levels, the player must answer all the situations that arise. In each situation, the NPC character will give you several choices. You can choose whichever answer you think will fit the outcome you want to achieve. Because the decisions you make will greatly affect the story changes and your character’s outcome.

Romance Club – Stories I Play Romance Club – Stories I Play Romance Club – Stories I Play

Diverse love stories

The diverse storyline is a major attraction in Romance Club, attracting a lot of players. This game offers dozens of hot topics about life, from emotional romances to fascinating detective secrets. If you want to discover true love or learn how to flirt, you can choose a theme about love and romance. If you are passionate about the world of detectives, you can choose the detective theme, where you will participate in dramatic and exciting detectives and investigations. If you’re tired of fictional stories, don’t worry, because there are also real-life themes for you to explore. In the game, you can experience real-life and vivid stories. And this is just a part of the other fascinating themes that the game is waiting for you to explore.

Create outstandingly beautiful characters

The appearance of the characters in each game is always the top concern of gamers, and Romance Club is no exception. In particular, in this game, you will participate in many different scenarios, requiring you to take on many different roles. Therefore, your character’s appearance will change constantly. The game offers you a diverse collection of outfits, shoes, and personal accessories, allowing you to freely choose outfits to your liking. Note that the construction of the character’s image will also affect the outcome of the game. Therefore, you need to choose and coordinate costumes appropriately with the plot and situations in the story you want to experience.

In Romance Club, all your emotions will be strongly stimulated. Maybe you will feel like you are part of the stories in this game. You can enjoy the game with offline mode in Romance Club, players are immersed in beautiful movie music and attractive sounds. There are many novel scenarios with tense, engaging content that can be changed according to your preferences. Download the Romance Club mod to explore this diverse and attractive novel land.

3.8/5 (5 votes)

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This mod has been good, thank you. However, I noticed when I click on "Get everything" option for wardrobe items, I actually get deducted with my diamonds. Any way to bypass this?
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