Robbery Bob 2 (MOD, Unlimited Coins) APK v1.12.5

App Name Robbery Bob 2
Size 85M
Mod Features Unlimited Coins
Latest Version 1.12.5
Update July 16, 2024 (1 week ago)
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It is a very enjoyable stealth game that you play as Bob, who is a clumsy robber moving through different levels packed with guards, dogs, and other challenging points. It’s the follow-up to Robbery Bob (Chillingo) which has more interesting stories and adventures.

Game Overview

Original Concept

Robbery Bob 2 represents an expansion of Bob’s story who now finds himself in another trouble. You will have to help Bob pass through various places undetected and without theft of valuable things while playing this game. Its combination of stealth mechanics and humor makes it outstanding among others in its genre.

Simple Design

Complimentary user-friendly design is provided with easily manageable controls. It has been a very effective tutorial that explains to you the basic principles of Bob’s sneaky escapades. Anyone can use it because it has an intuitive interface.

Game Features

Exciting Missions

  • Many Chapters: Each chapter tells its story tale besides having several missions.
  • Different Locales: Quiet suburbs vs high-security facilities, what other environments do we have here?

Challenging Gameplay

  • Stealth Techniques: wearesteppingout- slipping through guards, dogs.
  • Puzzles and Barriers: Solve puzzles and avoid obstructions to obtain necessary things.
  • Power Ups and Gadgets: These are the instruments that will assist you at different stages of the heists.

Humorous Storyline

Bob goes through a series of funny, amusing incidents in this lighthearted narrative. The game has many peculiar characters and jokes to make it more fun.


  • Character Upgrades: Develop Bob’s stealth skills so he to sneak better.
  • Costumes: Uncover various Bob outfits all giving him different capabilities.

Graphics and Sound

The game is packed with rich cartoon graphics that breathe life into both environments and characters. It also features sound effects as well as musical tracks that boost the general feeling hence making the game charming.

In-Game Currency and Purchases

Earn money needed for upgrades through successful missions as well as a collection of objects. This currency can be used for unlocking new gadgets or increasing Bob’s capabilities. Players can spend real cash on optional updates for fast advancement.

Regular Updates

Robbery Bob 2 gets updated regularly meaning new levels, features, and challenges are added over time. Take part in special events whereby you will be rewarded uniquely thus making gameplay fresh every time.

Game Play

Controls and Interface

Bob, who can easily cross levels with touch controls that feel natural, Optimizing your play by customizing controls.

Strategic Stealth

It takes a strategy for anyone to win at Robbery Bob 2. It’s you against everyone else, dummies! Use everything as a support or distraction for yourself. Distract the guards around you, and use other ways to go undetected.

Resource Management

Emphasis should be put on not squandering in-game resources. Try to gather as many valuable items as possible which could be used in improving character or acquiring new supplies.

Strategy and Tips

  • Tips for Beginners: Sneaking and avoiding being detected.
  • The Best Tips: Sophisticated techniques to surpass more difficult levels and trick security systems.
  • Events Participation Opportunities:  Enjoy special occasions by getting additional prizes for fast progress.


In Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble, you’ll find a stealth strategy game that lampoons itself. It has addictive gameplay and cartoonish graphics that make it stand out from other stealth games that exist. When playing Robbery Bob 2: Double-Bobbed, it could be difficult traversing stages, evading patrolling cops or simply getting ready for the next robbery plan which will preoccupy Bob all day long with an interesting excursion.

If you’re an ordinary gamer just looking to have some fun or a fan of stealth games excited about new challenges, then Robbery Bob 2 has something for both categories. It is suitable for every kind of player who would like to take part in clandestine ventures with its simple design and multiple gaming modes. And here we go! Just download Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble now and let us start having some good time together with Bob’s next major assignment.

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