Real Boxing 2 MOD APK v1.49.0 (Unlimited Money)

Real Boxing 2: The ultimate mobile boxing experience. Realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and a deep career mode. Step into the ring and become a champion.

App Name Real Boxing 2
Size 850M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 1.49.0
Update July 20, 2024 (5 days ago)
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MOD Info

Cash and Diamonds increases when spent!


Get ready, enter the ring: Real Boxing 2 is here! This free-to-play mobile game is not just a matter of aimlessly pressing buttons; it’s a fully developed boxing experience where you have to dodge jabs and weave your way through uppercuts before ending fights with accurate pixel-perfect blows.

But what really lies in wait for you inside the square circle of Real Boxing 2? Let’s take a look at the game’s main properties and equip you to become a champion!

Game Features

Be A Boxing Legend

Creation of characters on Real Boxing 2 is not an afterthought. Sculpt your own boxer, adjusting his/her mass muscles, wrestling style and even minor details like eye color or face characteristics. As you beat up your opponents, let yourself be seen!

Punching Fury

The combat mechanics of this game are much deeper than they seem. Learn how to deliver jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts and deadly special moves that will help you dominate your foes. Time blocking as well as dodging perfectly to create counterattacks that will change the tide.

Get Ready for Glory

Customization doesn’t stop with boxers only. Use plenty types of boxing equipment such as gloves or boots in order to stand out from the crowd and fight like no one else does. Each piece has its own appearance which also gives some statistics boost hence making it possible to make your boxer exactly as you want him/her to be.

Move Up the Ladder: In Real Boxing 2 career mode is everything. Go through amateur ranks while taking on tougher opponents every time and earning your status (and virtual currency). Get into serious training sessions, do clever fights and finally bear a proud title of world champion.


Real Boxing 2 goes beyond simple button-mashing. It utilizes swipe-and-tap controls that feel natural and responsive. By mastering these controls you will be able to throw a number of punches, block and dodge in a way that makes boxing in this game more strategic and more exciting.

Timing is key in Real Boxing 2. A well-timed block or dodge can completely nullify your opponent’s attack, leaving them open for a devastating counter. Conversely, a perfectly timed special move can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

The game also includes managing stamina. You’ll run out of it if you throw too many punches or try to cover recklessly which will make you an easy target for your foe. Wait until the right moment to launch an assault without exerting yourself prematurely.

Game Modes

Real Boxing 2 has a lot more than just career mode:

  1. Multiplayer Mayhem: Play against other gamers on the internet within online multiplayer mode. Make it onto the leaderboards, join special events and feel how amazing it is when you outbox real people!
  2. Knockout Tournaments: Are you feeling competitive? Prove yourself in these tournaments with their exclusive rewards offered periodically by this game. Can you beat every subsequent enemy and become the ultimate winner?
  3. Sparring Sessions: Need to practice some combos or experiment with new techniques? The sparring mode allows exactly that! This low pressure setting is ideal for improving your skills as well as preparing for upcoming major fights.

Now, are you than ready to be in the ring and be a boxing legend? Real Boxing 2 signifies a great deal of depth and involvement that mobile game players have experienced from it as it features an easy to use interface, tactical combat and various game modes to keep you addicted for hours. You can download this app now and feel the excitement of victory – one punch at a time!


Real Boxing 2 is an experience that takes you beyond gaming; it is a pathway to perspiration, tactics, and triumphs. Whether your dream fighter is being built, counterpunching perfected or climbing leaderboards we find on mobile games like these will always be both involving and satisfying.

So what are you waiting for? Get Real Boxing 2 today for free and become an unleashed champion! Remember though: dedication follows success but sweet victory makes life worthwhile. Put on your gloves now. Enter the ring. Hear the shout of fans right next to you; it’s your moment!

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