pixiv MOD APK v6.115.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Pixiv: The ultimate art app. Connect, create, and explore a world of inspiration with a global artistic community at your fingertips.

App Name pixiv
Size 25M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 6.115.1
Update July 12, 2024 (11 hours ago)
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MOD Info

● Ads Removed
● History Removed from Drawer (Server Sided Feature)
● 2 Shortcuts Added to Drawer:
• PixiVision – All
• PixiVision – Manga
● Search by Popularity Tab shows 30 items only.

Introduction pixiv

Pixiv Mod APK is a unique source of inspiration and communication for artists, illustrators, and all fans of art around the world, becoming one of the most important applications in the industry. The creation and curation of this convenient and highly engaging mobile application called Pixiv can be considered unprecedented. It stands as an interesting ground through which fantasy is incorporated into concrete works via phenomenal graphics. Combined with the convenient functional design and strong technical functions, Pixiv enables people to show their abilities, develop more possibilities for shared creation, and communicate with other creatives around the world.

pixiv pixiv

Find the whole world in a few words

Pixiv prepares users for a flood of different artwork ranging from a Japanese-style galaxy to an alien-like high schooler. The app is truly a source of numerous ideas as it offers an opportunity to explore numerous artworks belonging to different genres and styles, and representing different themes and ideas. No matter whether you are into stylish manga, high-definition digital art, cartoonish illustrations, or beautiful illustrations, you will most likely like Pixiv.

Share with Great Artists and Think Big showcasing your masterpieces

Another great feature of this site is the fact that it promotes the interaction of its members within the sphere of artistic activity. The application will allow the users to subscribe to the desired creative profile, and use the comments and likes features to engage with the artists and creators. It creates a strong bond among the artists which helps them to learn and to practice more and more to master their skills and also make friends with the artists from the different corners of the world.

No more cluttered art space: Three ways to organize and curate your art pieces

Of course, after studying the location and expanding your vision, you may find thousands and hundreds of images that attract you. Pixiv enhances the way you can sort your artwork and also gain inspiration on which new artwork to add to your collection. Safely download and keep the artworks that please your eye, sort them with tags, and create your art collection. While it is like having your art museum in your pocket, one general question that is asked by many people is ‘What is art’.

Navigate a User-Friendly Interface

The website layout of Pixiv is quite simple and easy to navigate, probably because of Masahiro’s design. At initial look, users do not find the website layout complicated as it is not quite complex or cluttered like other art-sharing platforms, such as Deviantart, but it has all you may need as an artist, no matter if you’re using Pixiv for the first time or are a regular user with the account. There is not much to explain where to start and what feature is good for what, so after installation, you are ready to experiment.

pixiv pixiv

Explore Global Artistic Talent

Pixiv eliminates regional limitations, helping users get a passport to global art. Have interactions with artists from various cultures and professional histories who work in different styles. Get in touch with a more diverse network of artists which can help expand your vision and approach to art.

Collaborate and Share Knowledge

It may be noted that in addition to providing display services for images, videos, and other related media; pixiv.com is also an avenue for sharing and even the creation of knowledge. Thus, users can engage in discussions about artwork, exchange opinions, and contribute to artistic creations. From the very beginning of its existence, Pixiv is all about sharing and creativity within the framework of a single collective. Compelling Competition and Challenge: Interfaces for CulturaAl Growth

It provides a means and platform for artists quite frequently through art competitions and challenges on Pixiv. Such occasions are a way through which individuals can be motivated to participate as well as be a platform whereby one can be privileged to air talent.


Pixiv is not just an application – it is a refuge for artists and a platform of ideas and cooperation for creative minds. For the novice illustrator who wants to exhibit their work or the art lovers who want to find inspiration for their next masterpiece, Pixiv is the simplest and the most effective way to do so. Be as imaginative as you want to be, share your artwork and artistic passion with others, and explore the artistic potential with Pixiv: the best place for you to unleash your artistry. Come and visit this colorful world right after installing the app today on your iOS or Android device.

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