Pickle Pete: Survivor MOD APK v2.13.6 (Damage, God Mode, Money)

Pickle Pete: Survivor is an exciting adventure where Pete navigates through wild challenges and daring escapades, showcasing resilience and resourcefulness.

App Name Pickle Pete: Survivor
Size 237M
Mod Features Damage, God Mode, Money
Latest Version 2.13.8
Update June 25, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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1. Unlimited Money.
2. Unlimited Multiplayer Money. (NEW OPTION)
3. Unlimited Resources. (When activating the option, it is recommended to enter and exit the level to the main menu)
4. Unlimited Pickles . (Activate before entering a level)
5. God Mode.
6. Rapid Fire. (Increases the rate of all weapons including secondary skills)
7. Freeze Enemies . (freeze some enemies but they can still attack you)
8.Autowin. (-NEW OPTION)—This option is only compatible with armv7a—It is recommended to activate and deactivate it instantly, if you leave the option activated for a long time your game may collapse due to the large number of objects that you would obtain at the end of the level)
9. Speed Multiplier 1x-100x.
10. Damage Multiplier 1x-100x.
11. Jump Multiplier 1x-100x. (NEW OPTION)(This option only works on levels that allow you to jump.)
12. Modify Level Time. (It allows you to modify the duration of each level, it must be set to a minimum of 7 seconds to avoid errors –activate before entering the level–)
13. VIP Package (NEW OPTION) (Enabled by default)
14. Battle Pass (NEW OPTION)(Enabled by default)

Note : Do not abuse the options in multiplayer mode to avoid bam,Possibly it may not work in some emulators, nor does it work in VMOS, it was only tested with real cell phones


Pickle Pete: Survivor Mod APK presents an exciting and fun-filled adventure. As the strange character Pete, you overcome difficult challenges against a large number of opponents and unique traps.

Pickle Pete: Survivor brings exciting experiences to players through a strange and dangerous adventure. Even though the game comes from a small independent studio, it offers many impressive experiences through fast-paced action and humorous 2D visuals.

Help Pete survive in endless space

Pickle Pete: Survivor creates special appeal with its unique main character, Pete with an appearance like a pickle. Instead of enjoying a normal life, Pete accidentally falls into a mysterious portal and must survive in an endless space filled with dangerous creatures!

The mission system is quite diverse, such as rescuing lost creatures, solving complex puzzles, overcoming many dangerous traps and confronting formidable enemies.

Pete can upgrade various abilities and gadgets after long periods of combat. If you fully equip Pete with good skills, he will solve challenges more skillfully. Lots of interesting items are waiting for you to discover, like a rubber hook, a jetpack powered by carbonated soda!

360 degree free movement and hands-free control

Pickle Pete: Survivor has innovative gameplay mechanics, Pete runs freely in 360 degrees to attack opponents, dodge attacks and interact with the environment. The game is suitable for everyone because the controls are easy and intuitive, you just need to tap the screen to navigate and the character automatically attacks the opponent.  

The environment system is quite diverse, from lush forests to dark caves, each environment has its own challenges and creatures.

Most of the environments are beautiful, impressive, and rich in detail, so players can easily immerse themselves in the strange world. It can be said that the Art Style is a balance between animation and aesthetics!

Enjoy fun in multiple game modes

Pickle Pete: Survivor features different game modes, including survival mode, time attack, and challenge mode. Thanks to many modes, players always have new and exciting action experiences.

Pickle Pete: Survivor also puts humor into both dialogue and gameplay. Players find joy in many things, like quirky characters or funny conversations! Players must uncover all of the portal’s secrets if they want to understand Pete’s ultimate fate!

If you are a professional gamer and need an additional challenge, then try the unique Perma-Pickling mode. In this mode, players have to use high bets and every smallest mistake has big consequences. In particular, if Pete fails a mission, the player must start over from the beginning, which is truly a great challenge for the most experienced gamers!

Enjoy the fun tunes

Pickle Pete: Survivor doesn’t have excellent graphics, but it does offer an impressive audio experience. The background music is an interesting combination of eerie melodies and vibrant background music. 

In particular, the sound changes with each segment, catchy melodies during light moments and stimulating music during intense action missions!

Many educational values for young gamers

Pickle Pete: Survivor also offers educational benefits to young gamers through light missions. Surely after many hours of experience, the game helps children improve their problem-solving abilities, think creatively and faster. 

Additionally, its humorous storytelling also promotes children’s language development and provides humorous entertainment in young players.


In short, Pickle Pete: Survivor is one of the interesting indie games that you should try if you like action & light entertainment.

After a long time of release, Pickle Pete: Survivor has received much praise from experts and many awards for its innovative gameplay, captivating art style and humorous storytelling.

Join cute Pete on an exciting adventure and enjoy refreshing laughter after many hours of stressful work!

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