Offroad Simulator Online MOD APK v5.05 (Unlocked All Cars, Mega Mod)

Offroad Simulator Online: Conquer rugged terrains, customize your ride, and compete in thrilling multiplayer races. Get ready for the ultimate off-road adventure!

App Name Offroad Simulator Online
Size 542M
Mod Features Unlocked All Cars, Mega Mod
Latest Version 5.06
Update May 14, 2024 (2 months ago)
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  • Removed mandatory video ads;
  • Endless gasoline;
  • All cars and skins are unlocked;
  • Lava doesn’t deal damage;
  • Menu mod with the following options (toggle in main menu):
  1. increase motor power;
  2. increase gravity (gravity);
  3. disable sliding on ice;
  4. disable car collisions.

You use the mod at your own risk – you may get banned for using it!

Offroad Simulator Online Mod APK is an adrenaline-pumping game that takes players on an exhilarating journey through rugged terrains and challenging landscapes. This multiplayer off-road simulation game offers an immersive experience like no other, allowing players to conquer nature’s obstacles, customize their vehicles, and engage in thrilling online competitions. In this article, we will explore the exciting features and gameplay mechanics that make Offroad Simulator Online a must-play for adventure seekers and off-road enthusiasts.

Offroad Simulator Online 4×4


Offroad Simulator Online immerses players in the heart-pounding world of off-road driving. Whether you’re a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a newcomer looking to experience the thrill, this game has something for everyone. From rocky mountain trails to dense forests, and even treacherous swamps, the game offers a wide variety of terrains to explore and conquer. The attention to detail in the game’s environment is remarkable, with realistic physics and stunning graphics that make every journey feel like a true adventure.


One of the standout features of Offroad Simulator Online is its expansive open world. Spanning across vast landscapes, the game world is teeming with challenging trails, hidden routes, and breathtaking scenery. Whether you prefer solo exploration or joining friends in multiplayer mode, there’s always something new to discover around the next bend. The open world design allows for endless possibilities, making each playthrough a unique and memorable experience.

Offroad Simulator Online 4×4


Offroad Simulator Online truly comes to life in its multiplayer mode. Players can team up with friends or compete against other off-road enthusiasts from around the world. Multiplayer mode offers a range of thrilling activities, including races, challenges, and cooperative missions. The competitive spirit of racing against real opponents adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, making it a true social experience. Moreover, players can communicate with each other via in-game chat, creating a sense of camaraderie as they tackle the toughest trails together.


Customization is at the heart of Offroad Simulator Online. Players have the freedom to modify and upgrade their vehicles to suit their off-roading style. From changing tires and suspension to installing winches and other off-road accessories, the possibilities are nearly endless. The game offers a wide range of real-world vehicles to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and customization options. Whether you prefer a rugged 4×4 truck, a nimble ATV, or a powerful off-road buggy, you can tailor your vehicle to your liking and take it to the extremes.

Offroad Simulator Online 4×4


To provide a truly immersive experience, Offroad Simulator Online incorporates a realistic physics engine and damage system. Every bump, jump, and collision feels authentic, adding to the challenge and excitement of off-roading. Players must carefully navigate rough terrains, avoid obstacles, and assess the risk of damaging their vehicles. This attention to realism sets the game apart, making it a true simulator for off-road enthusiasts who crave authenticity in their gaming experience.


In Offroad Simulator Online, there is no shortage of challenging missions and objectives to complete. From delivering cargo to remote locations to rescuing stranded vehicles, players will find themselves in a variety of thrilling scenarios that test their off-roading skills. These missions provide both a sense of purpose and rewards, allowing players to earn in-game currency and unlock new customization options. Whether you’re tackling missions solo or with friends, the sense of accomplishment when completing a challenging task is immensely satisfying.

Offroad Simulator Online 4×4


Offroad Simulator Online adds an extra layer of realism with its dynamic weather and day-night cycle. As players embark on their off-road adventures, they’ll have to contend with changing weather conditions, including rain, snow, and fog, which can significantly impact vehicle performance and visibility. The day-night cycle adds a new dimension to gameplay, as the challenges and atmosphere of the game evolve with the passing of time. The transitions between day and night are visually stunning, making the game world feel alive and immersive.


Sound plays a crucial role in enhancing the immersion of Offroad Simulator Online. The game features a meticulously crafted sound design that captures the essence of off-roading. Players can hear the roar of engines, the crunch of tires on various surfaces, and the splashes of mud and water as they traverse the wilderness. The realistic audio cues not only provide valuable feedback on the condition of your vehicle but also contribute to the overall sensory experience of being in the great outdoors.

Offroad Simulator Online 4×4


Offroad Simulator Online has cultivated a dedicated and passionate community of players who share a love for off-roading and adventure. The game’s active forums, social media presence, and community events allow players to connect, share experiences, and even organize their off-road expeditions. The sense of belonging to a like-minded community adds to the game’s appeal, fostering friendships and rivalries that extend beyond the virtual world.


In summary, Offroad Simulator Online is a thrilling off-road simulation game that delivers an unparalleled adventure for off-road enthusiasts and gamers alike. With its vast open world, realistic physics, extensive vehicle customization, and immersive multiplayer mode, it offers an off-roading experience like no other. Whether you’re exploring challenging terrains, competing with friends, or customizing your dream off-road machine, this game has something for everyone. Strap in, rev up your engine, and get ready to embark on the off-road adventure of a lifetime in Offroad Simulator Online.


  • Vast Open World: Explore diverse, challenging terrains in a sprawling, immersive game world.
  • Multiplayer Thrills: Compete or collaborate with players globally in exciting races and missions.
  • Customize Your Ride: Personalize and upgrade your off-road vehicles to suit your style.
  • Realistic Physics: Experience authentic off-roading with lifelike vehicle handling and damage mechanics.
  • Dynamic Weather: Navigate changing weather conditions and a captivating day-night cycle.
  • Immersive Sound: Engage your senses with realistic audio effects, from engines to terrain.
  • Challenging Missions: Tackle a variety of engaging missions to test your off-roading skills.
  • Active Community: Join a passionate player community, share experiences, and participate in events.
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