Last Viking God of Valhalla MOD APK v0.31.13 (Unlimited Gold/Health, No Hunger)

Last Viking: God of Valhalla Mod APK immerses players in epic Norse adventures, with brutal combat, divine powers, and legendary battles, as they strive for a place in Valhalla.

App Name Last Viking: God of Valhalla
Size 270M
Mod Features Unlimited Gold/Health, No Hunger
Latest Version 0.31.16
Update June 16, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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All you shieldmaidens and berserkers! Last Viking: God of Valhalla is a mobile game that will throw you into a world of myth and legend, where survival may be brutal but also exhilarating. Master the art of Viking craftsmanship, conquer merciless wildernesses and make your own way to fame. If you are an experienced survivor or young adventurer, beware for Last Viking: God of Valhalla invites unforgettable journey.

Characteristics Overload

The following is a comprehensive review of the features available in Last Viking: God of Valhalla taken from several sources:


  • Resource gathering: To continue living and prospering, one must kill animals, pick over other rubbish for resources.
  • Base building: In this case the player has an opportunity to construct their own village in viking style and as well as build fortifications around it so that they can serve as havens for inhabitants of this place.

Crafting: Produce weapons, tools and armor by which you can stay alive in wild nature or destroy foes.


  • Open world: The huge map is full of mysteries which won’t reveal themselves easily since these places give only a few secrets away when explored like secret locations with tons of loot.
  • Uncover mysteries: Unravel the Norse mythology behind ancient ruins through daunting puzzles giving answers to enigmas from ages past.


  • Fend off enemies: Whenever bandits, exile groups or mythical creatures will launch attacks against your fortress; it becomes your duty to stop them.
  • Skill-based combat: Become an imposing warrior by mastering many weapons and developing fighting abilities accordingly.


  • Character development: You accumulate experience points, unlock skill trees and tailor-make your hero according to individual playing preferences.
  • Quests: Go through various quests – main storyline missions as well as less important ones – with numerous choices determining further course of events along the narrative path; all these provide substantial rewards upon completion.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Forge Your Destiny: Survival, Crafting, and Combat
  • Last Viking: God of Valhalla is not just about staying alive; it is also how you can do well in a world that continuously challenges your will. Here is where the real Viking in you comes out:
  • Become a Master Gatherer: At first, you need to get down to basics. Search for raw materials such as trees, rocks and foodstuffs. Look closely; each piece could be your last hope.

Craft Your Way to Victory:

Use what you have gathered from nature because Last Viking has a great crafting system which allows players to turn basic raw items into useful tools. Build an unshakable shelter with strong axes and swords providing self-defense mechanism or powerful weapons used for slaying enemies – the choice is yours. Imagination knows no limits in this case.

Combat Fit for Valhalla:

There are dangers right round the corner at all times. Train hard in the techniques of Viking warfare and fight against different types of enemies. You can choose between either sword’s agility or axe’s cruelty but remember that there’s always something suitable for everyone’s game style preference . Evade attacks with cunning, counter blows strategically and perform combos that will leave your opponents lying dead on the ground.

Last Viking:

God of Valhalla is a vast world of exploration. It is full of secrets left to be discovered. Get out from the familiar and explore the hidden corners of the map. This forbidding country has buried treasures, ancient ruins and mysteries to solve. Brave adventurer, the excitement of exploring awaits!

A Hero’s Journey: Unveiling the Secrets of Valhalla

  • This game isn’t about only survival but also trying to offer explanation on what ties you up with gods’ destiny in Last Viking: God Of Valhalla. Take part in an intriguing story that comprises a sequence of missions which will test your Viking spirit.
  • Answering the Call: Main Story Quests – The prophecy whispers to you. Engage with major story quests taking you towards a fate linked with Valhalla’s very halls. Defeat legendary enemies, triumph over almost insurmountable odds and discover truths that lie at the heart of Viking mythology.

Create Your Own Destiny:

Side Quests – The world is teeming with opportunities for aspiring Vikings who are willing to take them up. There are several side quests available which not only offer valuable rewards but also allow their characters to make their own legends known in this gaming realm. Support other Vikings who require your assistance, discover secret areas and find out more about game’s history. Each quest adds another chapter to your Viking saga and brings you closer towards eternal fame.


Survival, exploration, combat all steeped in Norse mythology define Last Viking: God of Valhalla as an appealing mixture of these three elements. Whether it’s the thrill of hunting or creating something or making friends among Vikings, Last Viking has something for every aspiring hero there is. Thus come forth brave adventurer answer the call and carve out your epic tale in last viking god of valhalla’s unforgiving yet hauntingly beautiful world!

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