Jackal Retro MOD APK v2.2.153 (Damage, God Mode)

Jackal Retro: A nostalgic revival of the 1986 classic, blending old-school action with modern visuals and co-op play for an unforgettable gaming experience.

App Name Jackal Retro
Size 395M
Mod Features Damage, God Mode
Latest Version 2.2.153
Update June 16, 2024 (1 month ago)
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note: Activate cheats in battle mode.


Prepare yourself for a super cool trip down memory lane and get ready to become an action hero! Jackal Retro is a Run-and-Gun Shooter which will have you on the edge of your seat with its overhead perspective. It brings back the old school Jackal arcade game. This exciting game throws you in control of a fully loaded jeep as you embark on a risky mission to free Prisoner of War (POW) captives and destroy the enemy’s ultimate weapon.

Jackal Retro promises gamers whether they are old or newly interested, an experience they would never forget. This guide is designed to ensure that you dominate the battle field not only by being able to rescue POWs but also emerge as winners!

Jackal Retro – Run and Gun

Gameplay Overview

Objective: Heroes Behind the Wheel

Jackal Retro plunges you into an audacious rescue plan. Two primary tasks lie ahead of you: liberate Allied POWs confined by hostiles and annihilate their ultimate weapon, one that upsets power balances. As you make your way through treacherous levels, enemy soldiers, tanks and combat helicopters will be swarming all over.

Mastering the Machine: One Cool Jeep

Your trusted companion in this high-octane escapade is a heavily armed jeep. To steer it around obstacles, unleash firepower upon your enemies and more using virtual controls on your mobile device. Mastering these controls is essential for success in this game because those who do can deftly navigate tight spaces while skillfully avoiding bullets from hostile forces and placing their jeeps in optimal positions for maximum offense against their enemies.

More Than Just Shooting: An Orchestra of Gameplay Mechanics

Jackal Retro blends shooting with strategy seamlessly. While blowing up foes is great fun, traversing levels requires tactical approaches too. You will have to use terrain properly so as to take cover from where enemy attacks cannot reach you while looking for concealed routes that lead to POWs and getting power-ups that could boost your weapons or defense mechanisms. Spread shots and temporary invincibility are some of the power-ups that can tilt the balance in favor of their users.

Jackal Retro – Run and Gun

Game features

  • Classic Jackal Jeep – Top Gunner gameplay in 3D graphics.
  • Intense shoot-’em-up moments.
  • Powerful and challenging bosses.
  • Tons of vehicles and equipment to choose from and combine.
  • Endless missions.
  • Events.
  • Rewards for achievements in the game
  • Players have a chance to improve grenade/missile launcher on jeep by one level if they save prisoners who are held captive in solitary confinement.
  • One point for getting POWs in a row.
  • Upgraded missile launcher at higher levels if players successfully extract target number of prisoners into chopper in succession amidst battles
  • Jeep able to knock down infantrymen by running over them

Data Protections Tips and Strategies

Mastering the Jeep: Become a One-Person Tank Battalion

  • The key to success in Jackal Retro lies in controlling your jeep. Here are some tips on how you can become an unstoppable force:
  • Precision Is Everything: Use virtual control buttons around corners with ease, dodge bullets like Neo, and position yourself well when attacking opponents with pinpoint accuracy all through mastering virtual controls for your character movement.
  • Appreciate Terrain: Make full use of your environment. Shield yourself from enemies by taking cover behind destructible objects, make use ramps/jumps to find hidden areas as well as access POW locations.
  • Know Your Angles: The camera is placed above your jeep limiting what you can see. At all times be aware of what’s happening around you because enemies may attack from off screen while remain alert even for those things that aren’t visible yet!
Jackal Retro – Run and Gun Jackal Retro – Run and Gun Jackal Retro – Run and Gun

Combat Strategies: Unleashing a Whirlwind of Destruction

War is about the strategy one uses to win over the battlefield. Here’s how you become a war master:

  • Enemy Intel: Different enemies have their pros and cons. Learn how to identify enemies and change your style according to that. Focus on heavily armored targets with good weapons while disposing of weaker ones quickly.
  • Power-Up Savvy: Power-ups are what you can use secretly as your weapon in battle. Use them wisely in order to gain advantage over others during the conflicts. Incline for spread shot upgrades so that you come across bullets or make an activation of temporary invincibility which will assist you go through enemy ranks without any fear.
  • Grenade Mastery: Grenades from your jeep are an effective weapon against large crowds and high damage infliction systems. Lob grenades with precision, killing clustered enemies, flushing them out from behind covers.


Jackal Retro brings back memories of the golden era of side-scrolling shooters but gives it a present-day twist for mobile users who want to experience nostalgia all over again while playing this game retro-style shooter genre lovers and newbies looking forward to an exciting action-packed adventure will both find it irresistible as Jackal Retro takes players through a journey full of thrillers and fun battles alongside some retro feel like no other . Thus strap yourselves up, unhood your inner savior ready to conquer Jackal Retro battlefield!

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