Idle Egg Factory MOD APK v2.6.7 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Idle Egg Factory
Size 83M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 2.6.7
Update July 13, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Build Your Egg Empire with the Idle Egg Factory

The Idle Egg Factory is a fantastic idle tycoon game where the egg manufacturing plant is managed and enhanced. The game offers a relaxing, strategic experience as you build your egg empire through careful planning and wise investments.

Original Concept

Idle Egg Factory is a simulation and idle tycoon game that lets players manage and develop their eggplant. It needs to evolve into such an empire that will expand its operations from small scales to produce eggs at unimaginable levels of efficiency using enlargement and automation techniques. Meanwhile, the mechanics are simple yet have strategic depth that makes it easy for anyone but still fascinating.

Simple Design

It has a simple interface that allows players to easily navigate different options as well as upgrades. These graphics are attractive while the controls are basic for all ages thus making it both calming and stimulating when playing games.

Game Features

  • Egg Production: Begin with a normal level of egg production then elevate this through upgrading the facilities.
  • Automate Your Factory: When not online, set your factory in automation mode so that you can have continuous growth since even if you are offline profits will be maximized.
  • Upgrade Facilities: There are various elements about your factory including the quality of eggs or how efficient the production line is which need improvements very much.
  • Expand Operations: Put more egg production lines increasing total capacity – New areas are unlocked; thereby expanding your factory too.
  • Special Boosters: You can use boosters that will help you temporarily enhance your production speed and increase profits enabling you to reach your goals faster.
  • Offline Earnings: Automated systems will ensure that you continue making money even when you have stopped playing games online.
  • Challenges and Achievements: Completing different challenges lets you earn additional rewards as well as achievements that also come with some form of incentives.


Start Small, Grow Big!

You start small by just producing eggs. Collect all these eggs, and sell them off so that people can invest in building upgrades using this money. The continuity of one’s progress can be impeded by employing managers who can create automatic production lines where there will always be enough cash inflow.

Strategic Upgrades

Thus, consider upgrading wisely. This will significantly increase your earnings by improving egg quality and increasing production line efficiency. A good balance should therefore be sought between expanding operations and upgrading existing facilities to maximize profits.

Automation and Idle Profits

Always ensure the smooth running of the factory through automation mode all the time. This function is critical for continuous growth which also means that one can earn even if not playing the game. You must have automation to function properly to get constant revenues at last.

Expand and Conquer!

Accessing new areas within your factory would lead to being able to produce more eggs in a given period. Every other region may also go ahead with further automatization or advancement thus helping holistically grow your empire of eggs.

Special Boosters and Events

For instance, some special events give temporary but influential boosters for quickening production. In other words, they are supposed to act as short-term goals that make an individual’s sessions dynamic and captivating by providing rewards within a short period too.

Game Modes

Option 1: Casual

It has no time limits; play it at will, focusing on building and expanding your egg factory. It is ideal for those who only want a calm gaming experience.

Option 2: Challenge

You can participate in tons of challenges against other players. To get special rewards, finish missions by achieving high scores before climbing up leaderboards with or without your friends.


Idle Egg Factory combines idle gameplay with strategic management perfectly well offering an easy-to-play game for casual players as well as those who seek more tactics-based experiences. This enjoyable game involves developing your chicken empire; investing heavily in automated so-called factories towards achieving continuous economic development in a light-hearted way that provides plenty of fun moments along each stage accomplishment

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