Flud+ MOD APK v1.11.2.3 (Patched, Optimized)

Flud+: Powerful torrent client with fast downloads, Wi-Fi only mode, and customizable interface. Torrent effortlessly!

App Name Flud+
Size 20M
Mod Features Patched, Optimized
Latest Version
Update May 31, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduction Flud+

Flud+ Mod APK is the enhanced version of Flud which has descended as the enhanced torrent client app for Android gadgets to supply users with the guaranteed torrent downloading service. One more detail is that the Flud+ comes with a lot of features, so it can be considered the optimal torrent client for users who do not want to face such problems as slowness and inability to find a good track.

Flud (no ads) Flud (no ads)

User-Friendly Interface

Flud+ has a clean layout, making it easier to navigate through the several sections it offers its users. As for the layout, it can be noted that it is rather effective to use; the main operational tools are proven to be easily accessible, allowing for adding, pausing, or deleting torrents, for instance. The program is easy to navigate and has a fairly simple interface, so new users starting with torrents can easily navigate the application behind experienced users.

Smart Adjustable Bandwidth

Flud+ allows the user to moderate his bandwidth easily so that he can design the ideal torrenting session. Users can also customize the distribution of bandwidth in torrents, allowing files to be prioritized as other torrents use less bandwidth, and therefore produce the best results. This feature is highly beneficial for users who have constrained internet connection as well as for users, who want to regulate consequences that concern their network.

Real-Time Download Progress

Don’t get left behind as Flud+ provides clear download progress so you can be updated and always on top of what’s going on. Some of the most significant benefits include; a user can check for the status of his or her torrents in addition to the downloading speed and the number of percent complete. This transparency enables the users to have control of what they are downloading which gives them an estimated understanding of the ongoing torrent downloading.

Magnet Link Support

Flud+ can download from magnet links, which means that users have an easy way of directly starting the downloading of torrents without having to download the actual torrent files that contain the information needed to download the files. This feature minimizes the operations required for torrent download thereby making the use of such sites more focused and much more easy to use(as the user does not have to go through the tedious process of clicking on the .torrent file to download a file).

Auto-Start on Boot

For users who are not excited about manual settings, Flud+ has an auto-start on boot feature that you can enable. This feature ensures that the app loads up and prepares for getting torrents as soon as the device begins running which would prove efficient and would not be interjected by other matters. It enables users to set and go, making it easy for Flud+ to Torrent download and Execute the whole process in the background.

Flud (no ads) Flud (no ads) Flud (no ads)

Material Design

Thus, Flud+ adheres to Google’s Material Design guidelines or best practices, which ultimately enhances the visual aesthetics of the app’s layout and design. It should be noted that such elements of the layout and navigation as the button–-bar and dialog windows conform to the stylistic principles of the Android OS and therefore organically blend into the overall interface of the platform. The focus on the design also adds a layer to the improvement of the user experience in the app, and, coupled with the overall coherent and contemporary look of the app design, emphasizes Apple’s commitment to design.

Theming Options

Another aspect typical for the advanced and personalized Flud+ is the possibility of changing the themes and colors of the app. Regardless of whether a user utilizes the app on a desktop with a metallic black background, or a tablet with a stark white background, the Flud+ app covers all bases in terms of visual elements. The difficulty here is that it promotes the creation of a more fragmented interface between users since it allows users to set this theme to suit their preferences.

Automatic Port Mapping (UPnP/NAT-PMP)

Flud+ enhances torrent downloading by opening a port with UPnP or NAT-PMP (Universal Plug and Play and Network Address Translation Port Mapping Protocol) when engaged. This feature makes the configuration of the device easier for the users so that they do not need to trouble themselves with the selection of a particular port to connect it to the network.


In conclusion, Flud+ is a complete and purposeful torrent client for Android products that lacks flexibility and advanced features. Due to its simple, clean design with a well-developed download engine, Flud+ brings a lot of features to improve the customization and control of the process. Regardless of being a basic or an advanced torrenting user, Flud+ is an apt app for all users, which is packed with a plethora of necessary features and tools.

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