Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK v5.5.1 (Menu, One Hit/God Mode)

Dragon Ball Legends combines stunning visuals, strategic gameplay, and beloved characters from the iconic series. Engage in epic battles and rise to become a legend in the Dragon Ball universe.

App Name Dragon Ball Legends
Size 150M
Mod Features Menu, One Hit/God Mode
Latest Version 5.5.1
Update June 27, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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MOD Info

1. MOD Menu
2. One Hit Kill
3. God Mode
4. All Challenges Completed (Stage challenges always fully complete)
5. Instant Win (Instant Win the battle after the fight starts! Active before entering the stage)

NOTE: Do not activate any MODs while playing the tutorial!

Introducing to Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK is an electrifying mobile game that immerses players in the colorful universe of Dragon Ball , arguably one of the most beloved anime and manga ever. Created by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this adrenaline-pumping game offers a realistic environment where players can unleash their favorite characters from the Dragon Ball franchise in battles full of excitement.


Games Overview

Gameplay Mechanics

The video game has been designed with a battle system in which you get to face other opponents within seconds.Team up with friends to form a powerful group that can take on any challenge.In order for you to win, perfect timing is needed as well as good skills in using special moves and combos.

Real-time PvP Battles

Another notable feature about Dragon Ball Legends is that it has real-time player versus player (PvP) battles. Competitive fans will be able to play against others who also share their love for the game and are always ready to prove themselves in an intense match.However, your opponent could be your best friend or someone thousands of miles away from you but, at the end of it all, winning depends on how much skills and strategy are being employed in fighting back.

Iconic Characters

In fact, Dragon Ball Legends features a comprehensive roster of popular figures drawn from the vast Dragon Ball universe. Some of these include Goku and Vegeta – legendary Saiyans; Frieza and Cell – fearsome villains; Piccolo among others.For instance, every character on board comes with different skills and techniques enabling gamers achieve their individual goals effectively.


Stunning Visuals

Dragon Ball Legends delivers breath-taking visuals that perfectly capture what made this anime series so famous for years: dynamic martial art sequences and explosive energy blasts .As much as one would expect from such kind of games – this title implements amazing graphics combined with smooth animation which make each battle more intense than it usually would have been seen on TV screens.

Strategic Gameplay

Though, the fast-paced action of Dragon Ball Legends also requires good strategy for winning. To do this, they should understand what type of tactics to adopt and whenever an opponent makes a move that gives you opening take advantage from it.e.g., executing a combo perfectly or changing your characters in between fights tactically- here lies the success story in Dragon Ball Legends.

Key Features of Dragon Ball Legends

Real-time PvP Battles

Playing real time PvP battles on Dragon Ball Legends is pure excitement as it helps in testing your skills.The matchmaking system used in this game ensures that one is always playing against players who have equal skills.Thus, whether you are a newbie or an experienced player there are countless worthy foes waiting for you at every level.


Iconic Characters

Dragon Ball Legends’ iconic characters are the lifeblood of its gameplay featuring unique abilities and fighting techniques for each. While Goku’s fiery determination sets him apart from the rest, Vegeta has adopted different strategies to use against his opponents.As you progress through the game, you will see new characters being unlocked with their hidden potential unveiled so as to create a blend of ultimate warriors who can crush any enemy within seconds.

Stunning Visuals

Dragon Ball Legends sets a new standard for mobile gaming with its breathtaking visuals and cinematic presentation. The game stunningly portrays each punch, kick, and energy blast with intricate detail in order to immerse players in the adrenaline-pumping action of the Dragon Ball universe. From unleashing devastating super attacks to dodging incoming assaults, Dragon Ball Legend’s dynamic visuals will make you feel like it was just taken out from Manga pages.

Strategic Gameplay

In addition to the spectacle, DBL also rewards strategic thinking and careful planning. When to unleash your most powerful attacks, when to change characters, and then guarding against incoming assaults are all vital ingredients of success which works for this game. By mastering the art of timing and positioning, you can outmaneuver even the toughest opponents and claim victory in the heat of battle.


Gameplay Modes

Story Mode

For single-player fans looking for an immersive experience while playing Dragon ball legends can try story mode. Players will go through various stages as they travel through the extensive Dragon Ball world meeting known characters involving iconic moments along their way. In Story mode players progress through an original narrative that includes thrilling battles and dramatic confrontations. Each chapter completion unlocks new challenges as well as rewards hence making Story Mode a must play part of Dragon Ball Legends.

PvP Mode

Dragon Ball Legends gives PvP a highly competitive edge by allowing players to engage real-time battles against one another using this mode. This means that whether you’re competing in ranked matches or practicing casually there is always something exciting going on in PvP mode where players get to have thrilling face-offs or develop intense rivalries with others at any given moment. With matchmaking ensuring fair matchups, every battle in PvP mode is a chance to prove your worth and climb up the ranks to become a true legend.

Events and Challenges

Apart from Story Mode and PvP battles, Dragon Ball Legends has many special events and challenges that entice players back into more action. These events give players a chance to score rare items, and other valuable prizes that range from one-off in-game challenges to time-limited skill tests. In the ever-changing world of Dragon Ball Legends, there is always something to discover, such as limited-time events for testing your mettle or special challenges designed to push you past your limits.



To conclude, Dragon Ball Legends is a show of the enduring legacy of the Dragon Ball franchise. The game offers an immersive experience through its exhilarating real-time battles, expansive roster of iconic characters, and stunning visuals that perfectly encapsulate what made this anime so beloved around the world. Whether you are a fan of old or just new to the series, Dragon Ball Legends not only provides excitement but also strategies and camaraderie too.

When players take up Dragon ball legends they are thrust into a new world filled with epic battles memorable moments and exciting challenges. Here’s why it’s worth considering: engaging gameplay modes, deep customization options for characters as well as constant stream of updates/events means DBL will never be stagnant – it will always have something new happening that people can find out about or master!

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