Artimind MOD APK v2.9.3 (Pro Unlocked)

Artimind: AI Art Generator – Transform photos into captivating artworks with cutting-edge filters. Unleash your creativity now!

App Name Artimind
Size 81M
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Latest Version 2.9.3
Update June 11, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduction Artimind

Artimind Mod APK helps users create vibrant artistic photos easily. Art painting is not easy, especially if you have little experience & skills. However, today’s AI technology allows you to create vivid images with just a few simple steps. Please read the article below to understand more about this unique application!

Artimind: AI Art Generator Artimind: AI Art Generator

An effective support tool for people who love drawing

Artimind is an effective support tool for people who love drawing. You still don’t need too much drawing skills to create creative art paintings. With advanced AI technology in painting and many powerful features, Artimind helps users create works of art with just a few simple steps. 

Easy to use, even for beginners

Artimind is suitable for everyone, even beginners, because of its easy navigation and friendly interface. The intuitive design helps users quickly explore impressive features and demonstrate excellent drawing skills. 

Artimind has many art styles and genres, from classic abstract to modern. Users never run out of inspiration because of the combination of many unique drawing styles simultaneously. 

Of course, users need to experiment with all styles to choose the right one and further promote their creative journey!

Use many impressive color filters.

Artimind impresses with its large number of unique artistic filters. Each Color Filter has an impressive art style powered by AI, so They actively analyze input images and quickly create creative works of art. 

Not only paintings, the application can also turn ordinary photos into masterpieces through impressive color filters. In particular, the application has many unique filters based on the styles of famous artists like Picasso. Get ready to create personal works of art without even holding a paintbrush!

Adjust everything in real time.

Artimind helps users save waiting time and maximize device resources with real-time customization capabilities. Users can see changes in real-time throughout the creative process, from filter styles, stickers, and text to backgrounds. The preview feature also makes the creative process more seamless, and users can easily change options for their work. 

Artimind also pays great attention to personalization, so users can use their favorite color filter and deeply adjust parameters such as color intensity, brush strokes, and textures. The more options you have, the more personal you can create and make the most impressive works of art.

Artimind: AI Art Generator Artimind: AI Art Generator Artimind: AI Art Generator

Share your unique photos with the drawing enthusiast community

Artimind allows users to save works in many resolutions, from high to low. Of course, the choice of resolution depends on the intended use and the social media platform. Prioritize medium resolution if you only need to share photos with friends and family, and export high-quality images when you want to do business!

Artimind has a vibrant artist community where you share your creativity, receive positive feedback, and connect better. You can even inspire others through some impressive paintings!

Offline mode is essential because users create art without an internet connection. Keep sparking unique ideas, whether you’re on a plane or in a remote location!

Create artistic selfies

Artimind has a highly unique feature, AI Art Avatar. AI Art Avatar is an exciting tool because it can turn selfies into unique works of art. Get ready to say goodbye to boring selfies and hello to mesmerizing artistic photos!


In short, Artimind is an excellent application for those who love technology and art. Users will surely appreciate the unique drawing tools, intuitive interface, and dozens of impressive color filters.

In addition, Artimind also has many notable features, such as real-time adjustment, a large drawing community, offline operation, high-quality image export, and “AI Art Avatar.” Download Artimind here to own an art painting using your mobile device!

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