Zooba MOD APK v4.43.1 (Show Enemies, Drone View)

Zooba: Wild animal battles in a vibrant jungle arena. Choose your character, team up, and embrace the chaos in Zooba!

App Name Zooba
Size 186M
Mod Features Show Enemies, Drone View
Latest Version 4.44.0
Update July 3, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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MOD Info
  1. show enemies in grass
  2. show items in grass
  3. can shoot in water
  4. drone view

Introduction Zooba

Join Zooba Mod APK, an online battle arena game loved by many players across the globe. What sets it apart is its fast-paced gameplay, variety of animal characters and vibrant graphics, all available on mobile platforms. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer; there is so much fun in Zooba.

Zooba: Fun Battle Royale Games

Game overview

Zooba is a free multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, which was developed by Wildlife Studios. This game features unique abilities and skills for each character. Players compete against each other to determine who will remain standing last in this zoo-inspired setting.

Style of Gameplay

Enter into top-down view combats that are full of actions. The main aim here is to survive longer than your opponents in different arenas. Zooba provides such an exciting experience with user-friendly controls and quick pace.

Modes of Play

Choose Solo, Duo or Team matches. Each one has specific strategies for players to adopt depending on their styles.

  • Animal Characters: Take pleasure in selecting from diverse animals with unique capabilities besides personalities. Every character adds something special to the field such as powerful gorilla or speedy foxes.
  • Character Abilities: Character abilities might just be crucial when it comes to winning a fight since they can alter the course of battles completely. Use power-ups and change tactics so that you can achieve higher results in fights after familiarizing yourself with your opponent’s ability set list.
  • Controls Made Easy: The idea behind the control system used in Zooba was making them easy enough for everyone regardless of their level of expertise. By means of gentle touches and strokes on display, move around the battlefield, dodge attacks as well as perform strong techniques.
  • Battle Dynamic: Have dynamic battles taking place before your eyes without being able to foresee their outcome anytime soon – due to most diverse things happening at once! Meanwhile every single match reaches its peak since the play area starts narrowing down.

Zooba: Fun Battle Royale Games

Graphics and Sound

  • Visually Stunning: High quality 3D graphics bring the zoo-themed arenas into life; with vibrant colors and detailed environment they make each game match a true feast for the eyes.
  • Immersive Sounds: Background music or sound effects create an atmosphere for gamers. Roars of lions, strikes by abilities are all these thing that players get used to while getting engaged in Zooba battles.

Key Features

  • Have fun playing this free online multiplayer game forever.
  • Play a fast-paced Battle Royale shooter with unique mechanics.
  • Choose from many different characters, each having their own abilities and playstyles.
  • Battle intense fights alone or challenge friends.
  • Grow stronger as you level up and unlock new skills in order to overcome Zooba’s toughest challenges.
  • Develop your firepower through picking up weapons and upgrading them.
  • Compete against others during seasonal special events until you become a star in the leadership board.

Zooba: Fun Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale Gameplay with Thrills

  • Multiplayer Mode: In real-time, join the live battle royale having around twenty players at maximum speeds.
  • Various Arenas: Fight on various levels which are designed along zoo themes thereby providing different opportunities for tactics.

Unique Animal Characters

  • Range of Characters: Select any out of over 20 different animal characters – they all possess distinct abilities hence varying styles of gameplay.
  • Character Abilities: Special abilities are one way to get ahead because they can flip battles around. You may want to find out about your opponent’s character before making any moves in combat so as to know what works best for him/her.

Customization Options

  • Skins and Outfits: Personalize your characters using diverse skins and outfits available, so that you stand out among other competitors within the arena.
  • Upgrade System: Improve stats as well as capabilities of your heroes via this extensive upgrading system.

Combat Dynamics

  • Power-ups and Weapons: Here, take different weapons and power ups that are scattered in the arena to enhance your fighting abilities.
  • Environmental Interactions: You can hide yourself among shrubs or use any obstacles as strategic points.

Zooba: Fun Battle Royale Games

Regular Updates and Events

  • Seasonal Events: Be part of time-limited special events and challenges to win yourself exclusive prizes.
  • Frequent Updates: New contents are always available on a regular basis so that you never get bored. These include more characters, skins, amongst other gameplay features.

Competitive Play

  • Ranked Matches: Go up the leaderboard in competitive ranked matches and test your talent against top players.
  • Team Play: Create teams with friends and fight together in duo or squad modes.

Zooba: Fun Battle Royale Games


To sum up, Zooba is exceptional for its diverse heroes, unpredictably changeable battles as well as frequent updates. Irrespective of whether you are an amateur gamer or a highly skilled player who takes things seriously, Zooba has something to offer everyone. Download Zooba now to join the battle!

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