Umagic AI MOD APK v1.6.6 (Pro Unlocked)

App Name Umagic AI
Size 16M
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Latest Version 1.6.6
Update July 5, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Ever wondered if it was possible to create beautiful imaginary images or unreal characters just by waving your hands? Do you get that feeling of needing to create, but cannot because you lack artistic training?

Entering the market, Umagic AI is like a brush dipped in AI magic that has allowed sudden artists. The reason I say this app is mobile is because it uses artificial intelligence to convert your text descriptions into stunning pieces of art.

Application Overview

Quit sulking over an empty canvas and instead embrace the explosive creativity of Umagic. The best thing about this application is that it has a user-friendly interface which makes creating AI art simple. Can you imagine having an AI fuelled pocket sized art studio ready to convert your most outrageous visions into a real life masterpiece with only a few clicks and swipes?

Here’s how Umagic becomes your partner for creating AI Arts:

Text-to-Art Capability

In other words, Umagic brings forth the magic of generating AI arts. Use any words or phrases that describe what you want to paint. Wanting a “dragon flying through neon city”? How about “surreal clock melting in the desert”? By changing your text into an image, as a viewer one can experience breaking out of world built up by his/her own mind

Image Remixing Muse

Are you inspired by a picture? You can check the description of the app to know whether Umagic allows you to use your own images as a starting point and create AI-based art. To illustrate, send a selfie in which our algorithm is going to convert you into a superhero version of yourself, a historical canvas with you or possible magical stuff added to your photo?

Explore Artistic Styles

Not every artist creates work that is even close to being on par with each other! For instance, check out this application’s confirmed styles so as to establish that Umagic may present various genres of art like impressionism, anime or even mind-bending surrealism. Try different approaches until you find what will be the perfect art for you.

Application core features

AI Art Generation

  • Utilizes advanced AI models to transform photos into artistic images.
  • Supports multiple art styles, including abstract, surreal, and classic painting styles.

Style Transfer

  • Allows users to apply different artistic styles to their photos, mimicking famous artists and art movements.
  • Provides a wide range of style options to choose from.

Customizable Effects

  • Enables users to adjust the intensity of the applied art styles and effects.
  • Offers sliders and tools to fine-tune the final output according to personal preferences.

Instant Preview

  • Provides real-time previews of the applied effects, allowing users to see changes instantly.
  • Makes it easy to experiment with different styles and settings.

High-Resolution Output

  • Generates high-resolution images suitable for printing or sharing on high-definition displays.
  • Ensures that the quality of the output is maintained even after applying complex effects.

Benefits of Using Umagic

Umagic does not just produce amazing pictures but it also helps in evoking your creative self – enjoy exploring the artist within. And here is how this app enables you to channel your creativity:

  • Art for Everyone: Artistic skill not required! Anyone can make art with Umagic. Just describe what you want and let the AI handle all the imaginative aspects.
  • Everlasting Inspiration for Art: Unable to surmount creative barriers? Then, Umagic can become your artistic inspiration. It will offer a choice of random images based on words or already existing examples.
  • Give Your Creative Projects Energy: Make the AI-generated art the first step in other creative pursuits. Convert them into digital wallpapers, design exclusive greeting cards or illustrate personal stories.

The Role of Umagic

Umagic does more than just produce art. It is a means of exploring new things, self-expression and encouraging one’s passion for creativity. Here is how this app plays a larger role:

  • Discover Different Styles in Art: Want to know about different art styles but don’t have any background information in art history? Umagic lets you play around with various ways of making artworks by creating pieces that are done in those particular styles.
  • Say Something New through Art: Nobody is likely to disagree with the assertion that art has always been an extremely powerful way of expressing oneself as an individual. Umagic gives a completely fresh approach to showing what you think, dream about and see yourself doing creatively.
  • Reimagine Your World Too: Look at things from a different angle! You could use Umagic to generate AI artwork using real-world themes, but adding some unrealism to familiar items and places.


Are you ready to awaken the artist within and start a journey of AI-based art generation? Get Umagic now and let the magic of words translated into amazing visuals begin! You will be designing imaginative sceneries, editing your photos with creative touch as well as trying out AI-artworks in an infinite space.

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