Telegram MOD APK v10.14.5 (Premium Unlocked)

Telegram Mod APK Premium: The most popular messaging application in the world; chat securely, fast, flexible, and privately.

App Name Telegram
Size 75M
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Latest Version 10.14.5
Update July 11, 2024 (6 days ago)
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Only these Premium features work, others are server side:

  • No Ads (Except credits)
  • Premium app icons
  • 10 Pinned chats
  •  10 favorite stickers
  •  20 folders
  • 200 chats per folder
  • Advanced chat management

If you are unable to receive sms,

1) Log in with your phone number here:

2) Launch premium version and log in with your phone number, you will receive OTP code here

1) Install Telegram X from here

2) Launch premium version and log in with your phone number, you will receive OTP code in Telegram X.

Introduction Telegram

Telegram Premium is prevalent worldwide; it has become the top choice because of its strengths, such as fast communication, high security, a safe environment, and many other impressive add-ons.

In addition, many people love online messaging with Telegram because of its advanced chat box, friendly interface, multimedia transmission, and high transmission speed. If you want to learn more about this application, see the article below.

Telegram Telegram


Telegram is one of the safest messaging applications today. Users are entirely comfortable because all their messages are encrypted. Thanks to high encryption capabilities, messages are secure. You can feel secure about chat content, images, and multimedia files.

  • Ensuring information security: Information is essential, and you will encounter many difficulties if your information is leaked when chatting online. The application has a high level of security, so it protects absolute privacy.
  • Limit hacking with advanced passwords: The application’s advanced passwords and solid security help users feel secure from dangerous hackers. In addition, users avoid having their data hacked and monitored. Rest assured, all information is kept confidential if you use the app!


Telegram also has a unique feature, Self-Destructing messages. If you want to increase security and worry about important information, the “Self-Destruct message” feature is a great choice.

Using the “Self-Destruct messages” feature, messages can quickly disappear at will. If any messages are successfully sent and read, they will disappear soon.

  • Set message to self-destruct time: You can wholly set message self-destruct time; this helps you create the safest and friendliest conversation. If you set a message self-destruct time, the message will be destroyed after a certain period.
  • Quickly filter sensitive content: The “Self-destruct message” feature secures sending messages with sensitive content. Once the recipient reads it, all sensitive content is deleted immediately and not stored anywhere.
  • Save cloud storage space: Because messages self-destruct, you can save cloud storage space, keep your personal information secure, and limit your cyber footprint.
Telegram Telegram Telegram


Telegram allows you to join or build large chat groups. From here, you can easily communicate with many people at the same time globally. After accessing the private link, you can quickly join your favorite chat group.

The chat group is very large, and you can chat freely with thousands of people with the same passion. You can discuss hundreds of topics, from sports and entertainment to technology.

  • Join large chat groups: Users freely participate in thousands of large chat groups, each containing hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously. Thanks to the large and diverse community, you can easily chat and share helpful information with anyone, from novices to experts.
  • Receive and publish urgent content on the channel: The channel easily allows you to access important information. Users can also receive emergency notifications quickly by pinning messages.


  • Multi-platform and multi-device: Telegram is compatible with popular operating systems, from iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS to Linux.
  • Enjoy fun conversations: Telegram has a friendly interface, is lightweight, and is easy to use. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly get to know and chat happily with anyone. In particular, Telegram allows users to share high-quality photos and videos with friends and use many funny stickers. Note that you can easily send up to 2GB of data (videos and images) to your loved ones.


Telegram Premium is one of the best & most secure messaging apps available today. If they use the application, users can be completely assured of information security and easily send multimedia messages.

In addition, you can also join or create large chat groups with thousands of members. Immediately download the Telegram application from the article to have exciting conversations with friends, family, and colleagues!

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