Super Quick Settings Pro v7.1 APK (Paid)

Super Quick Settings Pro: Customize, automate, and streamline Android settings effortlessly for an enhanced user experience.

App Name Super Quick Settings Pro
Size 2M
Mod Features Paid/Patched
Latest Version 7.1
Update May 19, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Super Quick Settings Pro is an innovative Android app designed to enhance user experience by providing an array of powerful features to streamline and customize device settings. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, this app caters to the needs of users seeking efficiency and convenience in managing their Android devices.

Super Quick Settings Pro Super Quick Settings Pro


One of the standout features of Super Quick Settings Pro is its customizable Quick Settings panel. Users have the flexibility to tailor this panel to their preferences, placing frequently accessed settings conveniently at their fingertips. Whether it’s adjusting screen brightness, toggling Wi-Fi, or managing Bluetooth connections, users can personalize the layout for quick and easy access.


Super Quick Settings Pro goes beyond mere functionality by offering a visually pleasing experience with its multi-theme support. Users can choose from a variety of themes to customize the appearance of the app, aligning it with their personal style. The diverse range of themes not only adds a touch of aesthetics but also allows users to create a personalized visual environment on their Android devices.


The app simplifies routine tasks with its automated task execution feature. Users can set up triggers based on various conditions, such as time, location, or battery level, to initiate specific actions automatically. This functionality adds a layer of convenience, ensuring that the device adapts to users’ needs without manual intervention.


Super Quick Settings Pro empowers users with the ability to customize notification toggles. Whether it’s rearranging existing toggles or adding new ones, users can tailor the notification shade to their liking. This feature allows for a more personalized and efficient notification management system, enhancing the overall usability of the Android device.


With gesture controls, Super Quick Settings Pro takes user convenience to the next level. Users can define gestures to perform specific actions or access particular settings with a simple swipe or tap. This intuitive feature eliminates the need for navigating through multiple menus, providing a quicker and more efficient way to interact with device settings.


Super Quick Settings Pro seamlessly integrates with Tasker, a powerful automation app for Android. This integration enhances the app’s capabilities by allowing users to create intricate automation tasks. By combining the strengths of both apps, users can achieve a highly personalized and automated Android experience tailored to their specific needs and routines.


For users conscious of their data usage, Super Quick Settings Pro offers a built-in data usage monitor. This feature provides real-time insights into mobile data consumption, empowering users to stay within their limits and avoid overages. With this monitoring tool, users can make informed decisions about their data usage, leading to better control and management.

Super Quick Settings Pro Super Quick Settings Pro Super Quick Settings Pro


Super Quick Settings Pro simplifies the screen capture process with its quick screen capture feature. Users can capture screenshots with a single tap, eliminating the need for complex button combinations. This streamlined approach ensures that users can effortlessly capture and share their screen content without the hassle of navigating through menus or using external applications.


The app incorporates battery optimization tools to help users extend their device’s battery life. Super Quick Settings Pro provides insights into battery usage, allowing users to identify and manage power-hungry apps. Additionally, it offers quick access to power-saving settings, enabling users to make on-the-fly adjustments to conserve battery power when needed.


Super Quick Settings Pro stands out as a comprehensive Android app that elevates the user experience by combining customization, automation, and convenience. From personalized quick settings to advanced automation with Tasker integration, this app caters to users seeking a versatile and efficient tool to manage their device settings. With its intuitive interface and a wide array of features, Super Quick Settings Pro is a must-have for Android users looking to optimize their device’s functionality.

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