Space Survivor v2.0.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets)

Space Survivor: Explore the cosmos, craft your ship, and battle cosmic threats. Thrilling missions, multiplayer action, and stunning visuals await in this epic interstellar adventure!

App Name Space Survivor
Size 80M
Mod Features Unlimited Money/Tickets
Latest Version 2.0.17
Update June 17, 2024 (1 month ago)
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MOD Info

[ Player Menu ]

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Tickets


Mobile devices are now being dominated by Tower Defense Games! The mobile gaming world has been revolutionized by the strategic and exciting genre of tower defense games. Those small, quick moments of strategy test players to build up their defences and outsmart relentless opponents.

New Threat in Town: Space Survivor! Brace yourself space captains because here comes a new thrilling tower defense game that has launched into the atmosphere! In space survivor you’re thrust right in the middle of a life or death battle on board a damaged space station. With giant creatures tearing at the bulkheads, it’s your job to put up defenses and become the savior galaxy!

Space Survivor

Game overview

Space Survivor is an adrenaline-pumping tower defense game that will challenge your strategic thinking skills.

Imagine this: You’re Captain of what once was a majestic space station, now swarmed with horrifying creatures. Your mission is simple: strategically place powerful towers to protect your station from any alien invader.

What makes Space Survivor different from other similar games? Despite its usualness as a tower defense title, Space Survivor lets you experience something that’s totally different: setting in form of a space station. Get ready for battles taking place near flickering panels, echoing alleys and zero gravity wreckage!


The Thrill of the Fight: A Simple Yet Addictive Loop – That Is What Space Survivor Relies On. Here’s how it works:

Waves of Woe:

Game throws more difficult waves at you. Some are small while others unusually shaped but each one has its own attack pattern and style of movement. Watch out captain; every wave poses new strategic problems!

Tower Power:

The only thing standing between you and defeat against this alien horde is your plethora of fantastic towers! Unlike most TDs, there are several types of towers in Space Survivor which all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Missile Launchers bomb enemies from a distance, Flamethrowers give them hell when they get closer. Experiment with different tower combinations to find the perfect defensive strategy!

Space Survivor Space Survivor

Upgrading Your Arsenal:

By winning battles, you can earn valuable resources that can be used to upgrade your towers. Increase the power of your guns, tighten your aim and witness as your defenses turn into an impenetrable wall against hostile aliens!

Resource Management:

The success of running the space station smoothly depends on how well you manage your resources. Harvest resources from fallen foes and wisely invest in constructing or enhancing defense structures. This is what separates great Space Survivor captains from mere mortals!

Games features:

  • Survival Gameplay: Players must survive in a hostile environment where they have to use their wits and limited resources.
  • Imposters and Monsters: There are also other opponents like imposters who must be avoided or fought off by players.
  • Resource Management: Proper resource management is essential for survival as well as progression through this game.
  • Crafting and Upgrades: Players can create items and enhance their equipment to increase their chances of surviving.
  • Exploration: Gamers will be rewarded for exploring their environments because they will find useful things and hidden areas.
  • Challenging Levels: Strategic thought coupled with swiftness is essential in each level.
  • Simple Controls: Designed for all kinds of gamers with uncomplicated controls
Space Survivor Space Survivor


Captain, are you ready to defend the galaxy? How about being a space survivor that gives us a mix of action, strategy and space station mayhem. The game is so simple and straightforward with just a few choices like the extending towers and strategic elements. If you love tower defense games, this is one that you should not miss. Download Space Survivor now, and begin your epic quest to save the galaxy!

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