Shadow of Death Premium MOD APK v1.105.0.0 (Unlimited Crystals, God Mode)

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Unleash powerful dark abilities as you become a master of shadows, battling to avenge your fallen kingdom.

App Name Shadow of Death Premium
Size 200M
Mod Features Unlimited Crystals, God Mode
Latest Version
Update June 25, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Souls


– free in-app purchases
Options are available for menu control
– god mode
– high damage
– progressive character upgrade

Shadow of Death Premium brings fierce battles in the magical night. Players Unleash warrior power to save the kingdom from destruction. Get ready to immerse yourself for hours in this epic action role-playing game!


Shadow of Death introduces a dark universe full of interesting secrets. Players embark on an epic adventure with endless action experiences. Throughout the journey, the game offers many attractive environments filled with challenges such as: difficult puzzles and obstacles.

With impressive 2D graphics, addictive action gameplay and interesting themes, Shadow of Death promises to bring gamers an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Explore the dramatic dark storyline

Shadow of Death offers an unforgettable journey filled with dramatic details. The game takes place in a world of darkness & chaos, you are the last powerful warrior on a journey to save the kingdom from destruction. If you complete all the quests, you will unlock hidden truths and understand more about the Kingdom’s fate before the forces of darkness.

Shadow of Death has many unexpected twists and a diverse mission system, from epic original missions to surprising side missions. Try to complete each side quest to interact with all the NPCs, from here you will better understand the motives and secrets of a talented dark knight!

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

A combination of many elements such as action & role-playing

Shadow of Death impresses with the constant conflicts between dozens of different types of dangerous monsters. The game is a combination of action and strategy, Players use devastating combos and special moves through various legendary weapons (like swords or scythes).

The RPG element is very attractive because it brings rich gameplay depth, from here the user has the option to use different skills to suit different modes/challenges.

Agility is very important because the game requires highly precise operations. Take the time to practice many important basic techniques including dodging attacks, or creating powerful combos continuously. Each encounter brings a great action experience with smooth animations & flexible movement.

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Build a strong character to your liking

Shadow of Death emphasizes two main elements, which are action and RPG. New skills are unlocked through leveling up or completing required quests. Because the difficulty increases over time, players must choose the right skills and equipment to consistently overcome large numbers of dangerous enemies.

Character development is an interesting and outstanding feature, as it allows you to explore all the possibilities for action yourself. Players collect experience points and bonuses for overcoming dangerous challenges, then you use EXP to unlock new, more powerful abilities. Suggest that you balance your power between devastating melee techniques to powerful ranged spells.

Shadow of Death has many different types of legendary weapons, so players can freely choose the type that suits their own fighting style. If you like great power then use a heavy hammer, if you like fast action then use a mighty sword. Try out different skills and powerful weapons to write your own special story!

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Impressive 2D graphics and legendary music

Shadow of Death has beautiful 2D graphics like works of Gothic art. You are sure to enjoy the magical animations like, eerie moonlit forests to fiery hell.

The more challenges you unlock, the more impressive the backgrounds will be from every angle. In addition, the main character and monsters are presented in detail with sharp interfaces and realistic movements. Shadow effects provide great visual experiences!

The music is also another highlight, it has a full range of rhythms from vibrant to slow. In addition, the game also offers a full range of sound effects such as fire, bullet explosions and even monster screams. The sound definitely makes you more excited in each action scene!

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight


Shadow of Death truly delivers an extremely impressive action adventure, and is a great entertainment choice for those who love fast-paced action.

Players enjoy intense battles through an engaging original storyline and stunning 2D gothic graphics. Get ready to dive into the dark war to complete endless quests and learn more about magical territories!

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