Rogue with the Dead MOD APK v2.5.6 (Unlimited Money, Move Speed)

Rogue with the Dead is an eerie adventure blending roguelike gameplay and supernatural elements. Uncover secrets, battle undead, and customize your rogue in a hauntingly immersive world.

App Name Rogue with the Dead
Size 300M
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Move Speed
Latest Version 2.5.6
Update July 15, 2024 (1 week ago)
Get it On Google Play
MOD Info
  • Move Speed Multiplier
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlimited Diamonds

(Never decrease when you spend, need enough first)


One captivating roguelike RPG that has taken the gaming community by storm is Rogue with the Dead. Developed by room6, this game seamlessly combines the depth of strategy of roguelikes with idle mechanics making it simple and charming.

Game Overview

Main Objectives

In Rogue with the Dead, players lead soldiers in a quest to kill the Demon Lord. The primary objective is to travel 300 miles while battling monsters and completing quests. Each win earns you resources and gold—used to upgrade your army for better chances of winning.

Soldiers and Upgrades

Your campaign’s backbone is your army. While troops automatically fight, they need strategic upgrades to be effective. Quests and defeats against monsters earn gold which can be used in making them stronger in terms of capabilities, health, etc., thereby allowing for more tactical decisions on resource allocation.

Idle Mechanics vs. Active Participation

The idle mechanics are perfectly interwoven into Rogue with Dead giving it active gameplay moments as well. Even when one is not playing, his/her soldiers still battle on; however, battle’s outcomes are greatly influenced by taking an active part in them. Players may dive into combat using special abilities or make changes during fights that will benefit them most.

Artifacts and Their Impact

It is essential to collect artifacts while playing this game. These powerful items provide significant boosts to your army’s strength thus endowing them special abilities in fighting enemies giving users unique advantages in battles. This feature adds extra complexity to the game as bad choices can cost lives but good ones will help victory prevail.

Games features:

  • Commanding & Upgrading Troops: Go through each level leading a group of soldiers who should get tougher as you go along.
  • Endless Journey: Progress through an endless journey where every death increases your strength.
  • Defeat Demon Lord: The main aim here is running 300 miles thereby successfully killing Demon Lord.
  • Collect Artifacts: Find different artifacts to make your army more powerful and to gain strategic advantages.
  • Idle and Active Gameplay: Enjoy both idle mechanics and active play, when the player can do nothing, as well as become a part of gameplay.
  • Pixel Art: The pixel art style with which this game has been designed adds visualise nostalgia appeal.
  • Story Progression: As we go further in the journey, we will discover what really happened through the character Elly who is little known yet quite influential at the same time.
  • BlueStacks Enhancements: All PC users, who are playing on BlueStacks, have access to extra functionalities such as Macros, Rerolling, Eco Mode and Multi-Instance Sync that can be used by them.

Tips and Strategies

Effective Progression Tips

To get ahead in Rogue with Dead, focus on upgrading your soldiers wisely. This means starting by raising their health and attack power so that they can fight tougher opponents. In addition to this you should keep an eye out for useful artifacts because they will significantly change your troops’ abilities.

Resource Management

Manage resources efficiently. Spend gold smartly on boosting your army’s most important attributes. Also save artifacts until those difficult battles where they would provide maximum benefit.

Balancing Idle and Active Play

Though there are some idle mechanisms in the game but in critical moments it is better to participate actively. One could join a battle using special abilities or changing its course strategically in order to have an advantage over opponents.


Rogue with the Dead, is a game, it’s a strategy that is underlined by idle play, and wrapped up in an appealing story line and pixel art. Players get a chance to experience this game whether they are casual gamers or RPG fans. Players can expect to enjoy a well-designed game with complex elements and strategic difficulties. Begin your amazing journey today and test yourself if you can conquer the Demon Lord.

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