Podcast Guru MOD APK v2.1.2-beta5 (VIP Unlocked)

Podcast Guru: Streamlined podcast experience with elegant design, Podchaser integration, and cutting-edge Podcasting 2.0 support.

App Name Podcast Guru – Podcast App
Size 40M
Mod Features VIP Unlocked
Latest Version 2.1.2-beta7
Update June 12, 2024 (1 month ago)
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How to Install

How to login with google account
– Uninstall any mods (if installed) of the app you wish to login into.
– Reboot.
– Install original from playstore. Log in into the app using google.
– Uninstall and immediately install mod and try to log in with google.


Podcast Guru sets itself apart with an elegant interface and seamless navigation. Unlike many other podcast apps, Podcast Guru prioritizes user experience, offering a frustration-free and lightweight design. The app is committed to delighting users with its beautiful interface, ensuring an enjoyable and effortless podcasting experience.


Podcast Guru understands the importance of flexibility, providing native versions for both iOS and Android platforms. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that users can seamlessly transition between devices without losing their data or preferences. The inclusion of a web app extends this flexibility to those who prefer a desktop experience, making Podcast Guru truly versatile.


Podcast Guru takes podcast discovery to the next level with its exclusive Podchaser integration. As the first and only app with full Podchaser integration, users can access show creator profiles, reviews, and ratings seamlessly. While a Podchaser account is not mandatory, existing users will find Podcast Guru to be the ideal platform to enhance their podcasting experience.


As fervent supporters of Podcasting 2.0, Podcast Guru incorporates cutting-edge features that align with the latest standards. Users can enjoy Podcasting 2.0 features such as full transcripts, chapter support, real-time episode notifications through Podping, and more. By backing the Podcasting 2.0 initiative, Podcast Guru ensures users stay at the forefront of podcasting innovation.


Podcast Guru promises a frustration-free experience with its user-centric design. The app’s commitment to simplicity and ease of use distinguishes it from other podcast apps. The interface is intuitive, ensuring that users can navigate seamlessly and focus on enjoying their favorite podcasts without unnecessary complications.


Podcast Guru offers a plethora of features to enhance the podcasting experience:

  • Offline Support with Auto Downloads: Enjoy podcasts offline by automatically downloading your favorite episodes.
  • Night Mode: Optimize your viewing experience in low-light environments.
  • Multiple Search Engine Support: Search effortlessly using various engines such as iTunes and The Podcast Index.
  • Browse Podcasts by Category: Discover podcasts based on your interests through categorized browsing.
  • Configurable Playback Speed: Tailor the playback speed to your preference.
  • Full Playlist Support: Create and manage playlists for a customized listening experience.
  • Sleep Timer: Set a timer for automatic app closure after a specified duration.
  • Android Auto Support: Seamlessly integrate Podcast Guru with your Android Auto for a safe driving experience.
  • Cast Support: Cast your favorite podcasts to Chromecast and other smart devices.
  • External Storage Support: Save podcasts to external storage for increased flexibility.
  • Home Screen Widget: Access essential features directly from your home screen.
  • Accessibility and Screen Reader Compatibility: Ensure accessibility for all users, including compatibility with screen readers.
  • Modifiable Playback Queue: Tailor your playback queue with features like ‘Up Next.’
  • Genre Filtering: Filter podcasts based on genres for more refined recommendations.
  • OPML Import/Export Support: Easily import or export your podcast subscriptions using OPML files.
  • Browse Popular and Trending Podcasts: Stay updated with the latest trends and popular podcasts.
  • View Podcaster, Creator, and Guest Profiles: Get to know the people behind the podcasts.


For users seeking an elevated experience, Podcast Guru offers VIP Tier features:

  • Realtime Cloud Sync and Backup: Ensure seamless synchronization and backup across all devices, including iOS.
  • Advanced Speed Controls: Fine-tune playback speed with advanced controls.
  • Advanced Disk/Storage Management Automation: Streamline storage management for an optimized experience.


Podcast Guru doesn’t stop at audio – it fully supports video podcasts, opening up a new dimension of content. Whether it’s MacBreak or Ted Talks, users can subscribe to video podcasts and enjoy a diverse range of engaging content. Additionally, Podcast Guru supports Odysee RSS feeds, broadening the horizon of available content.


Podcast Guru curates a vast library of podcasts, making it easy for users to discover new shows or find their favorite episodes. With Podchaser-powered reviews and ratings, users can confidently explore podcasts recommended by fellow listeners. Podcast Guru users are currently enjoying the latest episodes from popular podcasts, including Huberman Lab, Critical Role, No Agenda, Crime Junkie, Hidden Brain, Hardcore History, Lex Fridman Podcast, and The ALL-IN Podcast.

In summary, Podcast Guru is on a mission to provide listeners with a powerful, reliable, and user-friendly podcast manager. With a focus on minimum permissions and a commitment to fun, ease, and power, Podcast Guru stands out as a comprehensive solution for podcast enthusiasts.

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